Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soledad Anchoring "Isuue #1" Substitute for Conventions

Soledad O'Brien is doing the hour that is normally "Issue #1" with Gerri Willis, Christine Romans, and Poppy Harlow. Guess those three have two weeks off or whatever. OK, maybe not completely off as Gerri may pop into the American Morning set to do biz talk and Christine should still be doing the weekend "Your $$$$" show. Soledad was in a skirt yesterday (Tuesday) but pants-ed it Monday. Guess it'll be a little bit of both with her. At least Kiran is still showing up strong anchoring solo in New York while John Roberts does what he loves, covering politics and making people think he looks cool with that hairdo of his. I guess he think it lends him "gravitas".

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