Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/27 Caps

Alisyn looking good. Last Olympic Saturday so hopefully we get a return to some good Amy action. Melissa Francis looks pregnant. I don't recall the name of the weather girl fill-in. I think her last name was Szi, she looks half-Asian to me. Kate Snow was looking good, she being 100% pale ass white. Kimberly was not quite as good today but that's only because the bar, or the hem as it were, was set so high. Her dress would have looked amazing on just about anyone else, but was just a bit too long compared to her previous efforts. Oh well, maybe Sunday night will be better.

2/26 Caps

Check out Kiran's knees. They look like they have little six packs. Megyn's skirt length appears to be improving. She's showing more leg. Hopefully it stays that way.

Friday, February 26, 2010

2/25 Caps

S.E. Cupp looking good on Redeye, giving us some nice facial expressions to boot. In an unbelievable turn of events, Robin Meade didn't wear boots or pants. Stephanie Abrams has been looking good on the Weather Channel. I've decided I'm going to ditch my 9:00-9:25 block of FNC and change that to TWC. For some reason FNC is not doing the leg shot on Martha Mac anymore. Bastards. Sandra Smith showing why she should get more fill-ins on Happy Hour, or how about they ditch Cheryl Casone and give Sandra the spot on that show. I swear they got the wrong people in wrong positions on that network.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/24 Caps

Another relatively slow day. The View appeared to be the most notable. The Octomom was the guest and my God she is such a train wreck. She was wearing an outfit that I can't really describe. I think she was giving us an upskirt but knowing what came out of that area, I can't get enthused at about that. Not only is her story alone enough to make her extremely annoying, but she has the world's worst laugh. No wonder she never got a man. Elisabeth also compounded the fashion strangeness with a dress that had the world's biggest shoulders. I don't know what decade that dress was designed for, but it sure wasn't this one. It looked a prom mini-dress. Very strange.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tony Kornheiser Suspended For Busting On Hannah Storm

So here's an odd story. Tony Kornheiser busted on Hannah Storm's outfit that she was wearing one day. It was a rather typically garish outfit with a tight red top, a Catholic school girl plaid shortie and red boots. Typical Hannah, she's worn that a million times. So Tony K. decides to point that out on his radio show, saying that the top was like a sausage casing, and that the skirt was way too short for her age. Hannah gets all verklempt and cries to ESPN about it. They decide to suspend him for 2 weeks. In this situation they're both wrong. Tony K. obviously either told a really bad joke or has some really misguided notions about female fashion. That's the problem with guys who have this kind of really edgy humor, sometimes the joke bombs. Hannah is also wrong as well, but on two counts. One, she should have handled it with a better attitude and realized that he was joking and brushed it off. Really, who cares what Tony K. says about her outfits. The other problem I have with Hannah is that in some ways I am kinda glad that TK called her out on her odd fashion choices. Even though the outfit kinda looks sexy, it's just a very odd look overall. I think Hannah is about the only broadcaster/anchor type who wears the Catholic school plaid skirt and I know that she is a good Catholic girl because she went to Notre Dame but still, she should dress more appropriately for her age than that. I don't mean dressing like a grandma. She can dress for her age and still be hot. Just look at Diane Sawyer. She can choose outfits that are a little more tasteful, the skirt doesn't have to be quite that short. Hannah is very fit and I'm sure she loves to show off her trim torso with those 'sausage casing' tops. But I have seen her rock a trimly cut blouse better than anyone. She may want to stick with those. Just a thought.

Also in an interesting turn, ESPN is indirectly saying that it is OK for TV anchorwomen to dress like that. Right on, Worldwide Leader!

2/23 Caps

Not a whole lot today. Kind of a typical mid- to late-winter day where nothing really pops out. But there were some things worth noting. Jamie Colby showed up with her husband on the Early Show to talk about their book that they wrote together. Apparently he had a quadruple bypass and this was about how they dealt with it. I wouldn't call the guy ugly but he has a weird looking face and he's older and also has very odd looking hair. The color doesn't look natural. So I wouldn't say it's Beauty and the Beast but maybe kinda close. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was once again insane on the View. She was sporting a Jersey Shore tight T-shirt along with a really short skirt and hose. She only needed big hair to look like she was really from the Jersey shore.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/22 Caps

Becky still wore boots but she kind of gave something when they were showing off the drawers with the "Too Big To Fail" line written on them. Get it? Margaret B. was also pretty good. Sandra Smith wore about the shortest skirt I've seen her wear. And she did a double dip first on Cheryl's show and then on Happy Hour. She hasn't been on Happy Hour in a while, at least not that I've noticed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2/21 Caps

This must be a first. Kate Snow actually showed legs two days in a row and Marysol wore pants! Unbelievable. I just discovered last night that Comcast started to carry the Univision HD channel. Before you could only get it from the off-air digital channel. I don't have Telemundo HD even though I know it's out there, so HDNCers, it ain't my fault, see! I'm almost there. Now if Bloomberg would go HD then that'd be it. Kimberly G. continued to kick it straight to the stratosphere in a black number with a subtle fishnet. That's about the only fishnet that I like. Anything bigger and you might as well start walking the streets.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/20 Caps

I have noticed that Marysol Castro has been a bit slimmer and trimmer recently. Not that she wasn't always in great shape (check out her guns) but she seemed bulkier. She still doesn't know how to cross her legs though. Everybody else was pretty much as expected. Once again a nice show from Kimberly G.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/19 Caps

Not a whole lot noteworthy from today. One more week of the Today show crew huddling around a fire at 0 dark 30 in Vancouver. In most cities if you did that at that hour they'd call you homeless. Deidre Imus finished her run on Happy Hour. I've noticed that she is starting to look like her old man, and not in a good way. I've heard that married couples tend to start looking like each other the further along their marriage goes. I think that is applying in her case. Put a cowboy hat on her head and voila. I love how the Insider gals look at the screen behind them so intently like whatever it is they are watching is really serious. Lauren Conrad rounded out the night with an appearance on Kimmel. Can you tell that I'm kind of underwhelmed by today?

Friday, February 19, 2010

2/18 Caps

Robin and Becky just aren't getting the message. In fact it's been so bad for Becky that she couldn't even be swayed by Melissa Lee's merciless ass-kicking today. She couldn't even be goaded into a decent leg battle. Maybe she's just got the winter blues or SAD. It's also kind of sad that Melissa Lee is about the only one on CNBC sporting any good leg. And they even got rid of the leg shots during her Halftime report. Bastards. I mean Melissa's alright but c'mon look at what they had before. But someone who did get the message was Margaret B. She came roaring back and said, "Uh uh, Chairman don't count me down and out just yet!" And why is it that Megyn seems to dress the best when there's a big breaking story going on? She also had a pretty good dress on last week during the blizzard. Weird. Mrs. Imus continued on Happy Hour. I'm not sure what kind of deal they have, but she's obviously not ready for prime-time or any time for that matter. She must be a saint to be married to that guy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/17 Caps

Once again Robin and Becky stubbornly and inexplicably refusing to not wear boots. They must have quite a healthy boot budget. Elisabeth Hasselbeck outdressing Victoria Beck(s). Who'da thunk that? Also, this whole guest host policy on the View is very strange. I don't know exactly how or why they choose whom they choose. They clearly don't get chosen because they're any good at working on TV except for say ED Hill. The disturbing disappearance of leg shots for Margaret B. continues. I have no idea why but they are totally gone. No more wide shots, fly-ins, or fly-outs or whatever you call those camera moves. Also, no more leg shots on America's Newsroom, what's up with that? I would not describe Megyn's outfits as being conservative so much as boring. They've been OK but not spectacular. Someone wrote an article about her being the future face of Fox News. Maybe, maybe not. Who can tell the future? I suppose she has more upside than downside. But there have been so many examples of so-called prognostications that didn't pan out. I had read somewhere else a while back that said that Alisyn Camerota was going to be a network news anchor in 5 years. Are you kidding me? I just don't see it. So a lot of this is really, who do these guys think they are and why are the qualified to write what they write?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16 Caps

Well I decided to switch over to CBS instead of the Today show and boy it's not looking all that great. Whatever numbskull at CBS decided to put two pregnant women on at the same time ought to get smacked. Because it's not exactly not Megyn Kelly when she was pregnant you know? Speaking of Megyn, she wore a long dress. What?? She's never worn a long dress before. Uh-oh. Also, Robin and Becky would it kill you to not wear boots one time this winter? Geez. And not only that but as I feared Margaret Brennan is starting to go down in my eyes. She was wearing what appeared to be a nice suit but in a two hour show I didn't see anything good. This is a big decrease. Not sure what's going on there. Maybe it's just being in the dead of winter and no one feeling like doing anything. But you definitely find out about who are the real stalwarts and who aren't during this time of the year. During summer it's easy to dress nice.

2/15 Caps

Kiran was sporting what my old buddy JStanio called Minnie Mouse legs. You know opaque black hose, can't see any definition. Which was a shame because she was showing a lot of leg today, well if you could see them that is. Juliet was in for Gretchen. Looked alright but I don't know what's up with her. She seems to be just kind of floundering around. Being President's Day and Nicole Pettalides didn't have to be at the exchange she was in the studio. I think FBN just has it wrong with regard to who is in studio and who is on the floor. Got more Kerri Lee for that dude who likes her. Hell, who doesn't?

Monday, February 15, 2010

2/14 Caps

The red was busting out today for Val's Day. Jamie bucked the trend with her reliable purple. I ain't go complaints about that. Kate Snow even decided not to wear boots for once. Once again, Kimberly G. was busting out in a red suit and fishnets. I gotta say though, I notice that her legs ain't exactly in the best of shape. I think she ought to do some calf raises and lunges to firm up those stems. She's starting to develop some mild cankleage and we can't have that.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/13 Caps

Looks like they're keeping Amy and Jenna back in NYC during this Olympic run so the weekends won't be a total loss. But it won't be as good as normal for sure. But once again, Kimberly G. kicked it up a notch. She's going for broke and going all in. They appear to have the Kimberly chair on the Geraldo set now, just for the purposes of showing her off to the best effect. She's taken a little bit of time to get to the understanding of what her job is all about. I'm not sure where this is all taking her but I get the sensation that she is due for bigger things.

2/12 Caps

Kinda fell behind the last couple days. But not a whole lot worth mentioning for Friday. Kiran did have a nice sitdown.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amy Robach Married Andrew Shue Last Weekend

So Amy Robach got married last weekend to washed-up actor Andrew Shue. Of course this is not her first marriage, as anyone who has watched on her on the Today show will know just about everything about her family because every single family member she has has been featured in a story. Whatever problems or issues caused her marriage to end, that's her personal business. That she has gotten re-married is great, I am sure the couple are quite happy and thrilled. What I object to is yet again another curious decision on the part of the Today show producers (and maybe even Robach at the time) to extensively feature her family in stories designed I believe primarily to sell her to viewers as a nice family woman with a handsome husband, two beautiful daughters, very youthful-looking parents, a spry looking grandmother, and a cousin Bob. (OK, I'm kidding about the cousin.) I think that these stories were cynically designed to counteract what may have been not-so-great ratings and perceptions of Amy as maybe a little icy and impersonal. Morning show anchors doing stories about their families is nothing new and all of them have done them. But in Amy's situation it was ridiculous. It seemed like every show when she first started anchoring had some story with her family in it. She took her daughters shopping. She and her husband took dancing lessons. She did a story about Minnesota, and guess what, her parents live there now. What a coincidence! But then they stopped. On or around the same time she was removed from the Sunday show and replaced by Jenna Wolfe. I supposed you could put 2 and 2 together and wonder if something was just not working for Amy. About a year ago, maybe sooner, maybe earlier (you can always go back and check the caps for sure) she stopped wearing her wedding ring. I could find out nothing about it. No mention of course was ever made about. Then she started wearing what appeared to be her ring again, but now I know that it was her engagement ring from the Shue.
I suppose the question to think about is whether it is OK for morning show anchors to be part of the story. I know that their aims and goals are different from strict journalists. But they still have a story to do, and they need to maintain some kind of objectivity and distance. But have those lines been completely erased? And is it also OK for an anchor to use/exploit their family for a story when times are good but to ignore it when times are not so good?

Friday, February 12, 2010

2/11 Caps

I'm seriously contemplating not recording the Today show for the next 2 weeks. I am almost certain there will be nothing worth capping. Unfortunately I don't know that the other networks are going to be any better. GMA is horrid unless there's a decent guest or the subs are in, and you never know about that. CBS seems very inconsistent and you never know from one day to the next what Maggie will wear. As she gets bigger and bigger her dress will almost certainly become more and more conservative. I have no idea about the recent ratings although I can probably find them easily. I can't possibly imagine that GMA is doing well in the ratings. I'm surprised that no one got caps of Mrs. George's strip/table dance/whatever for his birthday. She's always looked like she hasn't slept in 2 days but from the web video I saw, she looked even worse. I'm still puzzled by how they got married. She's a crazy comedic type and he's more boring than a bag of Wonder Bread.
Megyn had an extremely curious choice of outfit today. She flattered to deceive with a very highly slit dress that promised a lot but delivered little. The dress wasn't all that long, but the slit went practically to her left hip. Unfortunately, the combination of the desk, the camera being to her right and her seated position made it so you couldn't even tell the slit was there. In that case, what's the point of wearing something like that? Makes me wonder.
But to round out the night you had to give it up to Joy Philbin. Without a doubt a prime example of MILF/GMILF whatever. A lady of a certain age that you can appreciate simply for her looks, but she's got a great personality, she's a really good counterpart to Regis, and she has an amazing body and set of gams. American Pie may have popularized the whole MILF term (which frankly I think is a little overblown and crude) but she was personifying that whole concept well before. I suppose the term MILF has stuck, but really I don't think there's anything wrong with admiring and being attracted to women who are perhaps older than what you might otherwise be attracted to. To me, as long as they look good, are in decent shape, and healthy, why not? I think it's a wonderful thing to find an older woman who has defied the conventions and consequences of age. Now I think there's a big difference between defying that through artificial means versus living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself and having a positive outlook. Nowadays we're seeing plenty of women who are still total foxes over the age of 40 and 50. Now do they get less abundant? Yeah, but for those that do make it, they can stand up against women half their age.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/10 Caps

Well I got buried by the big snow part 2. Courtney Friel on Redeye. Not a whole lot really. Kiran seems to be back into her dark hose thing. I thought Megyn for some reason, today put it together better than she's done since she's debuted her show. I think the tight top was what did it, but I'm not sure. She just seemed overall to look better. She probably didn't but it just seemed that way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/9 Caps

Looks like one last day for Meredith in NY before she jets to Vancouver. The Martha vs. Megyn show continued again. I'd give Martha higher marks for the outfit but her continued love of the ultra-dark hose loses points. Megyn reverted back to her conservative look. Liz Claman in hose sitting. I think this look is better for her. Her bare legs are just too pale and shapeless otherwise. Her boobs make up for it, but probably not 'till it gets warmer. Only Go-Go is really showing anything up top nowadays. SI SI model Brooklyn Decker made the rounds. I guess it's kinda strange to cap a model wearing a dress albeit however short when you can get pics of her in much less clothing but there's something about her in a studio environment that is still hot. Jewel made a guest appearance on Lopez. He's continuing his non-stop Valentine's Day co-star guest appearances. At this rate it'll take 'till March to get everyone on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/8 Caps

Today show looks like it will suck for the next three weeks with the Olympics starting. They already have Natalie in Vancouver. Martha Mac is still brining it more than Megyn. The battle of the blondes continues. Megyn answered in return and was much better with a shorter pink dress. The desk is still not helping out a lot.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2/7 Caps

I'm not even gonna post anything for Saturday cuz it was kind of a lost day anyway. You all got the caps, check 'em out. Today had other women but none of that really mattered compared to Kimberly Guilfoyle in for Geraldo. I tell you what, if she continues to show what she showed, then she can be in for Geraldo en permanente. If a man don't get religion upon seeing that, then you must be an atheist. (You know, "Holy Shit!" "Oh my God!" "Jesus Christ!") KG has always not been shy to show what she's all about but recently she hasn't even been trying to pretend. You know SNL had a parody about hot blonde FOX news babes. Although you kinda wonder why it took them this long to do it. They could have done it at any point over the last 10 years. But with KG, maybe they ought to change that to hot brunette FOX news babes.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2/5 Caps

There was a red theme today because a lot of the newswomen wore red for National Wear Red Day or something, to raise awareness about heart disease in women. Or maybe they just wanted to get into the Valentine's Day mood one week early. I gotta say, Margaret B. continued her kinda underwhelming routine again. Why is is that when her subs are on you see more leg shots than with MB? I wonder. Also Megyn Kelly is continuing her tamer act. Not necessarily anything wrong with that but compared to her older days it's tame. One woman who ain't taming anything down is Rebecca Gomez who shows absolutely no regard for the weather. Of course she's not wearing that dress on the way to the Bull & Bear. They did a close up of her shoes and you could see her sock marks. Either she's gotta take those socks off earlier so her skin settles in or she gotta wear something different. But her cleavage kinda made up for it for sure.

I Got To You Guys, I Got To You! Why'd It Take So Long?

My buds over @ HDNC finally posted their response to me. Which is cool, I predicted it would happen, and pretty much exactly what would be written. But seriously you're right dudes, you and me are just on a different mission.
Normally I wouldn't give a crap about what you guys are doing but I was curious to see what other guys are doing. And listen, anyone who does this, I gotta give props to. No one's paying us to do this so it's all about the love. When you think about it, we're really all in the same game, just playing different positions. You guys wanna be buddy-buddy with the anchors, that's your job. I'm all about giving the peeps what they want. But here's another thing. If you're all concerned about your anchor buddies showing upskirts and downblouses and shit like that, then tell them not to do it! Until they stop I'll keep capping. My philosophy is that if it gets shown on a TV screen, it's fair game. Why shouldn't someone be able to get a screen cap of that? These women are entertainers. They're out there to show themselves off. If they don't like it, they can get a job in the real world. No one's ever complained to me, or anything. If they did, I would think they are way off base and have a lot more important things to worry about.
But I think my main goal was just to be able to get you guys to see my point that you can continue to do what you do but try to incorporate a little more of what I do. I don't really see how they are diametrically opposed. I know I harp about the multiple identical headshots but for me, I like to get my capping done quick. If one good cap can tell the story then I'd rather do that.
But let me finish with a couple points. You harp on about HD. Really who gives a shit? It's not about HD. It's about doing it. I used to cap off a frickin' VCR for crying out loud. But I did it, and that's how the first guys who started capping did it. Is HD a lot better looking now, yeah. But I would never discourage a guy from capping just because he doesn't have HD. It's not about getting whack off material. (Believe me, if I wanted to whack off, I got much better stuff.) It's about learning about the technology and how to use it. Capping HD is almost too easy now. Back in the day, there was a lot more tricks and fooling around you had to do. Boxes make it a lot easier now. I probably screwed myself for a couple years because I continued to cap analog off of the tuner and not the box. But hey I learned myself and now I'm better for it.
My other point is that I started doing this for the peeps and the boys. I filled in the gaps that other guys missed. So I continue to view what I do in that same regard. If people only saw what you guys cap, they are sometimes missing out. But I guess it's kinda like FNC and MSNBC. If you only watch one network, you ain't getting the whole story. Course, both nets would disagree, but they're supposed to.
But look, I've written a post almost long as yours. You can say that you got to me too. But I think this is it. I agree that we will agree to disagree. But I suppose we can respect each other on that. Maybe our boy Anchorman Ron B. can play ref here. He seems to be in the middle of us. Personally I think he's more on my side than yours, but that's just me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2/4 Caps

Oh let's see. Natalie and Jenna were both pretty good, but Jenna still looks like she raided her mom's closet and is playing dress-up. I always get the feeling that the producers have to bribe her into dressing nice, whereas she'd rather slum it slacker-style. I hate to say this, but I'm almost beginning to enjoy when Margaret B. is off because I think her subs dress hotter and they show more leg than when MB is on. It's just funny how things change so quickly. I was pretty jazzed upon seeing MB get out of the CNBC stranglehold but now it is becoming obvious that Bloomberg has more stone-cold hotties than FBN and CNBC combined. CNBC is starting to look really old. Hell, Becky Quick is basically taking the whole winter off leg-wise. None of their girls that I would consider hot are really grade-A whereas Bloomberg has at least 5 if not more. Hasselrack continued a good showing and I'm sure she was especially delighted to be hanging out with Meghan McCain. They must be like two peas in a pod. I think she wanted to make out with her. Megyn was a little better today as she didn't do any of the stand-up intros, at least not that I saw. But she seems to have an aversion to crossing her legs now. I think motherhood has made her more beautiful. She still has the sharp features but they've been softened a tad. Also her hair is quite as golden as before. She looks facially even hotter but she's just toned down the dress a bit. I don't know I think she will miss Hemmer as a foil and a source of chemistry. That's the problem with a solo show there's less chance to show your personality. Also of note was another short one for Maria Menounos. Damn, I wish they'd go HD.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3 Caps

Juliet Huddy was on Redeye. Not sure about the leggings. Juliet just seems to miss the mark slightly on the outfits. I don't know what she's thinking most of the time. Problem is, maybe she ain't thinkin'. I just think that Juliet is really on the downside. She's been losing out on the musical chairs for the last couple years, her show with Mike didn't go anywhere. Mike at least smoothly transitioned back to Philly but Juliet has found the door to not be fully open back at FNC. She's been doing spot stuff, fill-ins, and weekend work. Hardly impressive. The morning shows weren't all that noteworthy. Hasselrack was once again smokin' hot. I've said it before, I'll keep saying it, I think she's a numbskull and about the only thing I liked about Rosie O'Donnell on the View was that she would call out Elisabeth for what she is. Other than that, I say a pox of both of them. Elisabeth's only redeeming value is that she's hot. But she's proven time and time again that she doesn't prepare properly and think. Megyn was continuing her kinda safe and conservative routine. Liz Claman showed a lot of pale, somewhat shapeless legs. I've noticed that she has a slight cankle. Not Hillary Clinton bad, but her calves ain't exactly Amy Robach-like if you know what I mean. The late shows were where it was at. Sarah Silverman was on Letterman. She's kind of a hard one to figure out because she's hot but also has that unique humor style. Not really a straight-up comedian, hard to define. But what's not hard to define is that her outfit was smokin'. She kept stretching her skirt out and showing what looked like fake stocking tops. I don't think she was really wearing them, but I think they were made to appear that way. I'm pretty sure that she knew exactly what she was doing. She's that type to do that and she was probably enjoying it. Well I'd rather have more girls be like that. Looks like the Golf Channel has started up a new season of Top 10 with more of Lauren Thompson as host. I still don't think she knows the difference between under par and underwear but I don't think she was hired for her golf knowledge! Jessica Alba was on Fallon wearing what appeared to be the same outfit she wore on Leno.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/2 Caps

They have a new table at Redeye and S.E. Cupp was gracing it. Deirdre Bolton was filling in for Margaret B. on Bloomberg and doing a nice job at that. Megyn Kelly continued to kind of uh, I don't know, slightly underwhelm. She's taking a fairly conservative approach. Not wearing anything really amazing but doing just enough. Maria Menounos was showing some serious upper thigh with a patterned hose. I really wish they would go HD and do some sitdown stuff. They do too much of this fast moving camera shit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/1 Caps

Kind of a mixed Monday. The big news is Megyn Kelly's debut on her own show, America Live. She looked pretty good, she had that maternal kind of glow. The position of the desk doesn't allow for the greatest of shots but it'll do. Scarlet Fu was in for Margaret although she'll be back on Wednesday apparently. The Today show sucked other than the guests. Go-Go rounded out the rest of the day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1/31 Caps

OK, no one has to explain why Jenna Wolfe has a job. Obviously she is giving someone the business because there's no other reason why. Alisyn was in something more conventional, not as dangerous, but just as nice. I guess I had to show a little Kate because she was displaying reasonable thigh even though she's slave to winterizing. Jamie Colby was unflappable again. I think if she ever looks bad, the poles will invert or something like that. Geraldo finally extracted his ass out of Haiti which meant that Kimberly Guilfoyle returned to her proper location, and that is giving us a major heaping helping of hosed legs. Nice!