Friday, February 5, 2010

2/4 Caps

Oh let's see. Natalie and Jenna were both pretty good, but Jenna still looks like she raided her mom's closet and is playing dress-up. I always get the feeling that the producers have to bribe her into dressing nice, whereas she'd rather slum it slacker-style. I hate to say this, but I'm almost beginning to enjoy when Margaret B. is off because I think her subs dress hotter and they show more leg than when MB is on. It's just funny how things change so quickly. I was pretty jazzed upon seeing MB get out of the CNBC stranglehold but now it is becoming obvious that Bloomberg has more stone-cold hotties than FBN and CNBC combined. CNBC is starting to look really old. Hell, Becky Quick is basically taking the whole winter off leg-wise. None of their girls that I would consider hot are really grade-A whereas Bloomberg has at least 5 if not more. Hasselrack continued a good showing and I'm sure she was especially delighted to be hanging out with Meghan McCain. They must be like two peas in a pod. I think she wanted to make out with her. Megyn was a little better today as she didn't do any of the stand-up intros, at least not that I saw. But she seems to have an aversion to crossing her legs now. I think motherhood has made her more beautiful. She still has the sharp features but they've been softened a tad. Also her hair is quite as golden as before. She looks facially even hotter but she's just toned down the dress a bit. I don't know I think she will miss Hemmer as a foil and a source of chemistry. That's the problem with a solo show there's less chance to show your personality. Also of note was another short one for Maria Menounos. Damn, I wish they'd go HD.

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