Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Susan H. and Becky both in boots, but showing a lot of thigh. Nice sitdown from Kiran. I found Ann's day fascinating. Up until 9 AM she was sitting very demurely and like a proper lady, not showing a lot of leg. In fact one time while they were doing their half hour outro, she had her skirt pulled up past her knee. But then after 9 AM, it was whoa city. She was busting the thighs out and everything. I think Amy was even intimidated by the amount of thigh that Ann was showing. She didn't even try to compete. Joy Philbin showed us the proper way to get into a Mercedes AMG SLS. Plop your butt in and swing your legs around. How to get out is another story. The hot blond FOX doc lady Cynara (?) Coomer was on Happy Hour. Guess they had to make up for losing Jennifer Ashton to CBS.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Robin still out. This is a long break for her. Wonder what's up. I mean on the Spanish nets it's normal to be out for 2 weeks at a time or more but it's unusual here to go past one week. Anyway, as long as Susan is in I don't mind terribly. Melissa Lee was sporting some serious leg today. See, today is emblematic of my problem with Megyn. She looked to have a decent amount of leg showing, but with the distance of the camera and the side they shoot from and how she crosses her left leg over, you don't end up seeing shit. It's such a shame. If they just pulled in more, and swapped sides, it'd be much better. Speaking of long breaks, Go-go's been out for longer than a week also. Weird. The subs are in for Primer Impacto also. Satcha I expect, but Veronica del Castillo (VdC) is a welcome sight. Also, returning is her rather eclectic and odd fashion sense. She'll look great one day and then wear something completely bizarre and off-the-wall the next.

Monday, March 29, 2010

3/28 Caps

Now, that's more like it from Biana. She does seem a bit more on the chillier side. I think ABC is definitely looking for someone a little more warm and personable. Sharyn or Liz V. might fill the bill better. But who knows. I don't mind the rotation as long as it's not Jujube. I'm a little confused with Julie. They've done away with the standing intros and the sitting half hour intros, so you'd think that she's pretty much given up on looking good down below. However they pull a couple under the desk shots when she's interviewing the sports guy and she looks pretty good still. I wonder when she is due.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ainsley was in for Alisyn today. The only thing holding her back is the nose. Biana was on GMA and she was very disappointing. Surprisingly so, as you would think she would want to seize the opportunity. Maybe after she got engaged she thought that she didn't need to dress sexy anymore but that's not the case. In fact, it seems that the ones who dress the hottest are married and have kids. Biana, you gotta learn your lesson. Looks like Laurie Dhue is now a somewhat regular on Geraldo. Funny that they are identifying her as a "journalist". Uh, ok, I guess she has some journalistic skills but usually if you're a journalist, shouldn't you be journalizing for someone? Using people are reporters, or correspondents, or whatever. That's like calling a biologist a scientist. Anyway, I think it's a way of calling her something and they couldn't really come up with a good description of her. But it's nice to see her on. I just wish they were a little more transparent about why she is on now.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today was the day for near upskirts I gotta tell you. First, Stephanie Abrams wore one of those button up dress, and the last button was about one inch below her vajayjay. Couple times when her legs separated a bit you could almost see something if you squinted hard enough and tilted your head about two inches to the left. Sanity reigned at HLN and they brought a very svelte looking Susan Hendricks in. I swear it looks like she's a lot skinnier. I think this is the first time I've seen Kiran do a sitdown wearing hose. Always seems that she has been barelegged. I gotta give Natalie a lot of props for having either the balls or the stupidity to get up and ride that dragon in a skirt. That crane cam operator was trying his best to get a shot up her skirt but it was too dark. I don't how the hell she got up and down from that thing. Cap 41 kinda looks like she's riding the Sybian a little bit. See, I told you about the Megyn interview shots. The damn camera needs to pull in tighter. Does anyone care to see the rest of the studio?

Friday, March 26, 2010


The one model from the Today Show reminds me of Christina Hendricks from Mad Men with the red hair and big tits. 'Course this one looks like a real redhead. I know why I continue to not be too impressed with Megyn. The camera is too far away during the interviews that she does with someone sitting across from her. Also the camera has to shoot at an angle and thus never gets a really good shot. Plus she usually crosses her left leg over. The only time that there is a good shot is when they do that really obvious cutaway to her sitting there reading something when she is interviewing someone on camera. Looks like Rebecca is on vacation this week. Am I the only one who is getting tired of Tracy Byrnes? I mean she's got the big hair, the boobs, and the legs, but she's a makeup job. Her face is really not that good looking, and between her grating New York voice and attitude, it's no wonder she's a single mom of three kids now. I'd much rather see Sandra or Nicole. Hey how about throwing a bone to Jenna? I wonder why she seems to be getting a little bit of the short end of the stick. She filled in for Skinner a couple times but that doesn't really cut it for me, mainly because there's no leg shots. I got caps of the chick from ESPN2's Sportsnation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Not a whole lot worth mentioning today. Apparently Robin Meade is out this week. Unlike Bloomberg where if Margaret B. is out, all sorts of hotties fill in for her, HLN seems to want to stick with the exact opposite. Susan Hendricks was in on Monday and that looked like it was boding well, but then they went back to Natasha Curry. God knows why she gets the number substitute spot. I don't think she has a single stitch of clothes that isn't black. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not a whole lot today because I had a power outage at home apparently and my DVR decided to get all screwy on me. All the scheduled recordings after like 11 got messed up. Every show got shifted ahead one hour so something scheduled for 5 started at 6. No idea why. Also all my series recording got erased. Uh, ok. Well, at least I got Dancing with the Stars and Erin Andrews.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sharyn Alfonsi was on GMA today. I like that, rotate her and Vargas. Looks like Fox was re-creating it's weekday format today. They've done that before for big news weekends. I wonder if that really works. I mean do people watch more just because the "regulars" are on? I decided that I would record the Sports Reporters today just out of the blue because I had read that Hannah appears on that show occasionally. Well, I guessed right today. Too bad the lighting and the cameras in the ESPN Zone are horrendous. Finally, Univision, what can I say, simply outrageous.

3/19 & 3/20

Friday: CNN did a mention on how those hideous Ugg's are bad for women's feet. God, how I would love to scald with lava whoever invited those abominations. Anyway, Kiran proceeded to protest that her Ugg's, which she was wearing at the moment, with a complete lack of shame, could not be more uncomfortable than her four-inch heels. Well, Kiran, no one said you had to wear four-inch heels. And if you want to be comfortable, go home. Fox is trying out Dana Perino as a guest host on F&F. She seemed reasonable enough, and it fits with their past track record of finding talent from non-traditional backgrounds. She certainly ticks the box for the one qualification needed to work at Fox, blond hair. Susan Koeppen showed again why she should be seriously considered to fill-in for Maggie when she goes on maternity leave. I would suggest a rotation of Susan and some local talent that they bring in. Betty could shift over to the big chair every other day and they bring the local person in as the newsreader. I don't know how Betty will do in a morning news show role, it's a bit different than being a pure newsreader like she did at CNN. I think she'll be fine, but she may not light the room up in quite the way that the suits are really looking for. Margaret Brennan was in red again and it was the long dress. Looks almost like the same one that Kiran wears. Megyn came back strong today. Maybe she read my post, not! Regardless I still won't go back on my previous day's statement because of the mere fact that she has not been consistent. She needs to be more consistent still.

Saturday: Elizabeth Vargas was in today at GMA. Still looks like they are doing a rotation for the weekend. For my taste, I always prefer a rotation whenever they are looking to replace a long-time host. Gives us a variety to look at. The rest of the day was relatively up to standard except for a big surprise on Geraldo. Laurie Dhue returned from whatever monastery she's been hiding out in for the last couple years. I always found her departure from Fox to be very strange and to be honest I can't recall the specifics. I know she had an ill-fated and ill-advised stint where she was based in the Middle East. I think she was thinking that she would try to see if she could be a "serious" journalist. After that it seemed like she fell out of favor with the bosses. I'm not sure what this appearance was all about. She was on ostensibly to discuss cheating and infidelity what with all the current stories. I'm not sure how she qualifies as some kind of expert in that field. Could this be a toe in the water for an eventual return for Laurie or was this just the beginning of occasional appearances? Either way, she looked good, older for sure, and the HD reveals it more. Oh well, I hope we see more of her.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Stephanie Abrams absolutely smoking hot this morning. She needs to get back to New York soon. Too bad she wears Spanks though. I guess they all do. That's kind of like finding out a Ferrari is actually just a kit car. Looks fine from the outside but once you take the clothes off it's a different story. The trend continues for Robin. Can this be it for the boots? Becky continuing her goodness. Is it me or is age or HD not being very kind to Juliet? Maybe she's always looked this way and we never saw it because her heyday was before HD. Betty's looking like a lock to be the fill-in when the moms go on leave. Wonder who else will join her, and will that Julie Chen ever come back? They still show her in the promos but it's been a while hasn't it? Got my first leg shots of Gerri Willis on during the noon-time FBN show. She was definitely meant to be a Fox girl. In response it looks like CNBC is trying to make Melissa Lee's hair even bigger than it has been. Wonder what's up with that. CNBC made no effort to court Gerri. They continue to ride their old broken-down battlewagons like Maria and Big Sue Herrera. I am becoming really disappointed in Megyn. Today she wore a particularly long dress. I'm not going to say that I'm totally convinced that she's gone over to the dark side, but she's definitely not the same as she was before. She's lost something for sure. That absolute need to bring it every day, which is surprising because you'd think that she, of all the Fox girls, would understand that ethos more than anyone. Maybe she's feeling the pressure of being the so-called Chosen One, the Face. We'll see, I hope this is an aberration. At least she hasn't worn pants yet, at least I don't remember that she did.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Bust out the green, it's St. Paddy's Day. Time for all the Irish jokes and picking for any connection to Ireland however tenuous. Hey I get into SPD as well and I'm about as Irish as I am black, which is not one bit. Robin Meade seemed to pick today to stop wearing boots. I hope it holds. But like I mentioned before, this is also a weird time where you have women who never wear boots wearing boots. Margaret Brennan did that and with her being a proper Irish lass, I don't know why she did it. Nice to see the Golf Channel's own Irish lass, Win McMurry, looking quite good as well.


Wow, Kiran actually got a sitdown for once. Becky Quick was impressing in the chairs. Man, Maggie's thighs are huge. They were big before but now being pregnant they're monstrous. They've been moving Juliet around as a roving off-the-bench person. Is it me, or are her boobs a lot bigger? My girl Aditi was again impressing. Though, she has to ditch the dark hose. Finally Kristen Stewart highlighted Fallon. She might as well have been naked as that dress hid nothing from the imagination.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow, that didn't take long.

Gerri Willis has been signed to Fox Business, and she starts today I guess! Here is the article: 

I haven't seen her yet, but a primetime weekend show? Who the hell is watching then? Doesn't sound too auspicious but I love Ailes's line: “Most of the CNN talent have been restrained from showing what they can do — we’re looking forward to providing Gerri with a platform at Fox Business to showcase her financial acumen and television expertise.” Wow, you can totally read between the lines there. Ailes saw her blond hair and said, "Snap her up!" I am looking forward to some good use of Gerri.


Ainsley in for Alisyn. Geez, what the hell does she do the rest of the time? Sharyn Alfonsi impressing on GMA when I didn't expect it. She's kinda like Norah O'Donnell with the really big toothy smile. Kimberly was back to being hot this weekend.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh, not a whole lot extra special today but not a whole lot disappointing either. Well Alisyn didn't really wear anything special so I skipped her. Too bad they didn't have a guest on like Nicole from FBN or someone at least worth capping. Oh well. As mentioned before, Kate is escaping to NBC so she doesn't have to, God forbid, dress or look hot. Kimberly G. was back to looking pretty good.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moves And Changes

Looks like Kate Snow is leaving ABC to go to NBC and work for Dateline. Doing exactly what, I have no clue. I think this was inevitable. Kate never seemed to embrace the morning show host thing and after she didn't get a sniff of the weekday newsreader slot I think she saw the beginnings of the writing on the wall. I still don't understand how working on snoozy, boring Dateline is any good for her but I guess it fits her personality. I think she probably got tired of having to dress nice and look nice as a morning show anchor. it just never seemed to be in her. There's been talk of who will replace her. Names mentioned are Jujube, Biana, Deborah Roberts or Elisabeth Leamy, the consumer reporter. I really hope it isn't Jujube or Mrs. Roker. Biana seems to have pigeonholed herself by getting engaged to that government dude. Maybe she could commute up from D.C. for the weekend. Elizabeth Vargas is supposedly working tomorrow why not her? But the overall problem is that ABC has no guts and only gives them one hour. I actually don't blame Kate for wanting to do more. When your network only gives you one hour a day what's that tell you about their commitment to improving the show?

Also CNN is really going downhill. They're losing women like crazy. And now there's talk that the morning could be revamped. How, no one knows. Maybe something like Morning Joe, or Fox & Friends. This doesn't exactly bode well for Kiran if she's not in the plans. American Morning's ratings are worse than most local 11 PM news broadcasts. Unfortunately the bad ratings aren't going to help Kiran's cause in looking for better work if it comes to that. But I think that if they are going to keep Kiran, then this would be very good if they change the format to something a little more personality-driven. The current show is really stiff and boring. I just don't have a good handle on what the point of the show is. The older version of the show with Hemmer and Soledad was better. It was warmer and had more personality. This current show just looks cold and distant in their current set. Something does need to be done I think. Just don't get rid of Kiran! Or she does go, go somewhere where she can continue to bring the legs.

Also, a rumor was dropped that another female CNNer would be leaving after her contract is up and she is being courted by a big 3 network. Who that could be, they did not say.  But it should be pretty easy to figure out who it is by looking at who's left. She's described as a top-line talent. Seems like Soledad O'Brien would fit that description but it's probably someone who's not on my radar, but if she's 'top-line' it's probably not a run-of-the-mill reporter/correspondent type. Who that network could be who is courting her I don't know. It depends on for what. I would probably doubt it's NBC.

3/12 Caps

Fairly jam packed day today. Stephanie Abrams with one of her 4 dresses but I'll take it. Jen Carfagno was on the early show and goddamn she had the worst voice I've ever heard. Like she swallowed a frog. I don't know why she was in, she sounded terrible. I know she probably wanted to gut it out but when your voice is your main tool, if it's hurting, give it a rest. Natalie was reasonable today and for some reason, Amy decided to wear pants for her weekend preview bit. Aditi Roy of our NBC 10 station was pretty hot. She's a rare beauty in a town that doesn't seem to value hot newswomen. She doesn't show a lot often and is too conservative but when she does she can be smoking. Margaret B. once again in red. C'mon girl don't you have anything else in the closet? Megyn's dress had a real nice looking upper part but the bottom part was too long. She hasn't brought it often. Too often the dress has come up short. I don't mean short as in length of course. Also, the whole show is being shot from the wrong side. They should be shooting it from the right side, her left. She wears this slit dress but the slit is on her left and we never see any of it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

3/11 Caps

God damn, you know Robin has been in a terrible funk when Jennifer Westhoven out-dresses her. Robin must wake up each day thinking "Must wear boots, must wear boots" like a robot. Becky seems to have awoken herself somewhat out of the winter funk. Stephanie Abrams seems to have only about 3 or 4 dresses that she wears but they all look pretty good. I don't know what the hell kind of skirt Elisabeth H. was wearing. Looked like it was made out of feathers or something. Geez. At least it was nice and short. That's Colbie Caillat at the end on Leno.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/9 Caps

This time of year is always tenuous I notice. Or any time it starts to warm up after a long cold winter. You'd think the women would doff their winter clothes and go for something more amenable to us. But for some, not all, they go the opposite way. They start wearing boots, especially those who don't normally do so. It's a very curious trend but you watch, and you'll see. This doesn't affect Robin Meade as she has been dressing the same since about November 1.
I allowed myself to get one cap of S.E. Cupp from Redeye because Ann Coulter was on and I swore to myself I would never cap her. Becky wasn't showing a whole lot of leg but it was not covered by boots so I'll take it. I think Christine Romans is pregnant again. What with CNN losing women like crazy, this ain't exactly a great time to be going on maternity leave any time soon. Heidi Collins left a few months back, Gerri Willis left, and Betty Nguyen is off to CBS. Tell the last person out to turn off the lights before they leave. Jane Pauley is back on the Today show doing monthly features. I don't remember her legs ever looking like that back when she was hosting the show. Dang, c'mon Ann and Natalie how can you both wear pants when Jane is kicking your asses? Check out the caps of Dawn Timmeney. Do I see a pokie there?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/8 Caps

Kiran looking smoking today. Becky finally busting the legs out for the Chairs. Can't NBC afford to get a real HD camera when they go on location in LA? I mean, come on. What is this, 2006? Stephanie Abrams has definitely turned it up a notch on the Weather Channel. I remember when she would rarely wear anything good. But seems like ever since NBC bought TWC, she's been taking advantage of the opportunity.

Monday, March 8, 2010

3/7 Caps

Pretty good Sunday. Everyone who was supposed to look good did. I was almost going to curse Fox for only having one host interviewing Nicole and hence robbing us of a leg shot but I guess Fox isn't that dumb and put her into the tease for the next segment. Good move. I don't know what it is about NBC, but for some reason they've had damn good success at taking their White House reporters and turning them into pretty good Today show hosts. Look at Campbell Brown, Norah O'Donnell and now Savannah Guthrie.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/6 Caps

You gotta love Alisyn. She'll complain about how cold it is in the studio, but cover up? No way in hell. You go girl! Amy was looking pretty good, but hopefully she'll ditch this dark hose for something more like what Alisyn was wearing. If she ain't gonna be bare, then you gotta go with the sheer black. You can't beat that. It looked like FNC had to use a different set for both the Fox Report and Geraldo. As a result, Kimberly was only on for like 10 minutes and then wore about the worst outfit I've ever seen her wear. She had glasses on and something big and black. It was the big desk so you couldn't see anything anyway. It may have been the same outfit she had on earlier in the week when she was on Redeye. That wasn't too inspiring either. What's up with these regular FNC chicks who go on Redeye and don't show anything like Juliet and Kimberly? The guests are kicking their asses!

Friday, March 5, 2010

3/5 Caps

Ann back in the studio, but Natalie decided not to comply. Margaret B. still kinda, I don't know, majorly softsoaping things lately. Here's an example, they did a sit down interview with a guy and not once did they do a wide shot. They used to do that all the time. The director must be out to lunch or something. At least they've started to do the wide shots for Martha again. Megyn Kelly either interviewed or was interviewed by Imus (can't tell who was interviewing whom) and we got some nice side leg cross shots. That's the one thing they're missing on this new show.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4 Caps

Kate Bolduan was in for Kiran today. Something curious happened though. Kiran hasn't had a sitdown in a few weeks, but the one day she is out, they have not one but two sitdowns. Probably just a coincidence but you wonder why that occurs. Who on the staff there is deciding when to schedule these sitdowns. Kiran was also out last week and some completely random chick I've never seen before was subbing for her. Strange. At least they have been using Christine Romans as a some-time fill-in. Natalie almost hit a game-winning walkoff grand slam today but the boots up kept to a 3 run game-tying shot. She doesn't go for the full gusto as often as I would like. But it was pretty good regardless. I don't know what's going on with Margaret Brennan. First of all, she's got to cut down the red a little. Second she wears a rather disappointing skirt that a teacher would wear. She needs to go on vacation again. Finally the Insider did a feature on the foxes of Fox. They featured Megyn Kelly, Sandra Smith, Jenna Lee and Harris Faulkner. I don't want this to come out wrong, but I'm sure it will. I think they chose Harris to show a little diversity. On the totem pole, Harris is pretty low compared to the other 3. But she's about the only prominent African American woman on staff. Really they could have picked a number of different women to focus. They could have used Rebecca Gomez for a Latin, or Shibani Joshi for Asian. Megyn was probably the only no-brainer choice. I found it hilarious when Jenna claimed that she didn't think she was a sex symbol or something like that. I suppose that she's genuinely modest but that kind of stretched credulity a little.

3/3 Caps

Not a whole lot today, but I guess the most significant occurrence was Megyn Kelly actually wearing pants. WTF is up with that. I don't think I've ever seen her wearing pants. Today show looking pretty good, they are just missing Ann. Lisa Kudrow showed up to plug her new show, and man she is looking old. Her neck is more wrinkled than last year's Thanksgiving turkey. Sandra Smith has been looking so hot recently they told Cody to get the hell out and give up his seat for her.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3/2 Caps

Diana Falzone and Monica Crowley on Redeye. Kiran in a smoking hot red dress. Too bad those sitdowns are few and far between. Megyn Kelly looking even better. I'm getting tired of red. Can someone please wear a different color? Kiran, Gretchen, Martha and Gogo all in red. C'mon girls.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/1 Caps

What a jam packed day. You had the Today show returning to normal, and about every late night show getting back going. We had Becky, who has been dressing like shit, getting sexed up for Warren Buffett. She even looked hotter, although I could have done without the fuzzy camera they were using. Everyone hots it up for the Buffmaster. The normal Fast Money Half Time show returned with the Melissa Lee leg shots. I have no clue why they changed it up for a couple weeks. Megyn Kelly seems to be really turning the corner. She was looking really good hair and makeup wise and the outfit, while long standing up, was decently revealing while sitting. Sandra Smith, holy crap, continues to absolutely bring the hotness. I don't know what's gotten into her, but I like it. Meanwhile the late night shows had so many babes you had to beat 'em off with a stick. Lopez had Nicole Eggert who was sporting some serious junk in the trunk. Leno's return brought US skiing hottie Lindsey Vonn who was definitely not wearing her normal Vancouver attire. Kimmel had the new Bachelorette and Kate Plus 8. She's now on Dancing With The Stars. The new cast looks pretty good with some serious capping potential. You got Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. Her outfits ought to be ridiculous. Pam Anderson. 'Nuff said. Erin Andrews. I'm surprised that she's seeking this kind of pub after Peepholegate but I ain't complaining. And Kate plus 8. Not as many of the pros are back that I like. Only one is Edyta, who next to Kym Johnson (not in the cast) is the hottest. Unfortunately they always pair her with some dope who gets booted early. Any way, a lot of goodness. They get high marks on their choices, but I have a feeling not many of those chicks will be hanging around for long. And finally Lauren Graham on Ferguson, looking super hot in black. Ferguson gets the babes always looking good. The first time I noticed was when he got Virginia Madsen on, and she was unbelievable.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2/28 Caps

Alisyn looking real hot. Clayton almost ruined with his stupid laptop screen. But looks like Aly corrected it. Those two guys look like two frat boys and their house mom. Juliet was in for Jamie. Juliet has always irked me for some reason. Actually for many reasons. I find that she has been the most divisive of GN's. Some guys love her, and others just hate her. There are almost no others who are even close in the divisive category. Nice show by Rosana Franco. I've been lax in recording Republica Deportiva. Some weeks I remember, some I don't. Now that I get the UV HD channel, I'll have to program it. Kimberly only had a brief appearance on Geraldo.