Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ainsley was in for Alisyn today. The only thing holding her back is the nose. Biana was on GMA and she was very disappointing. Surprisingly so, as you would think she would want to seize the opportunity. Maybe after she got engaged she thought that she didn't need to dress sexy anymore but that's not the case. In fact, it seems that the ones who dress the hottest are married and have kids. Biana, you gotta learn your lesson. Looks like Laurie Dhue is now a somewhat regular on Geraldo. Funny that they are identifying her as a "journalist". Uh, ok, I guess she has some journalistic skills but usually if you're a journalist, shouldn't you be journalizing for someone? Using people are reporters, or correspondents, or whatever. That's like calling a biologist a scientist. Anyway, I think it's a way of calling her something and they couldn't really come up with a good description of her. But it's nice to see her on. I just wish they were a little more transparent about why she is on now.

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