Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Robin still out. This is a long break for her. Wonder what's up. I mean on the Spanish nets it's normal to be out for 2 weeks at a time or more but it's unusual here to go past one week. Anyway, as long as Susan is in I don't mind terribly. Melissa Lee was sporting some serious leg today. See, today is emblematic of my problem with Megyn. She looked to have a decent amount of leg showing, but with the distance of the camera and the side they shoot from and how she crosses her left leg over, you don't end up seeing shit. It's such a shame. If they just pulled in more, and swapped sides, it'd be much better. Speaking of long breaks, Go-go's been out for longer than a week also. Weird. The subs are in for Primer Impacto also. Satcha I expect, but Veronica del Castillo (VdC) is a welcome sight. Also, returning is her rather eclectic and odd fashion sense. She'll look great one day and then wear something completely bizarre and off-the-wall the next.

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