Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today was the day for near upskirts I gotta tell you. First, Stephanie Abrams wore one of those button up dress, and the last button was about one inch below her vajayjay. Couple times when her legs separated a bit you could almost see something if you squinted hard enough and tilted your head about two inches to the left. Sanity reigned at HLN and they brought a very svelte looking Susan Hendricks in. I swear it looks like she's a lot skinnier. I think this is the first time I've seen Kiran do a sitdown wearing hose. Always seems that she has been barelegged. I gotta give Natalie a lot of props for having either the balls or the stupidity to get up and ride that dragon in a skirt. That crane cam operator was trying his best to get a shot up her skirt but it was too dark. I don't how the hell she got up and down from that thing. Cap 41 kinda looks like she's riding the Sybian a little bit. See, I told you about the Megyn interview shots. The damn camera needs to pull in tighter. Does anyone care to see the rest of the studio?

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