Friday, March 19, 2010


Stephanie Abrams absolutely smoking hot this morning. She needs to get back to New York soon. Too bad she wears Spanks though. I guess they all do. That's kind of like finding out a Ferrari is actually just a kit car. Looks fine from the outside but once you take the clothes off it's a different story. The trend continues for Robin. Can this be it for the boots? Becky continuing her goodness. Is it me or is age or HD not being very kind to Juliet? Maybe she's always looked this way and we never saw it because her heyday was before HD. Betty's looking like a lock to be the fill-in when the moms go on leave. Wonder who else will join her, and will that Julie Chen ever come back? They still show her in the promos but it's been a while hasn't it? Got my first leg shots of Gerri Willis on during the noon-time FBN show. She was definitely meant to be a Fox girl. In response it looks like CNBC is trying to make Melissa Lee's hair even bigger than it has been. Wonder what's up with that. CNBC made no effort to court Gerri. They continue to ride their old broken-down battlewagons like Maria and Big Sue Herrera. I am becoming really disappointed in Megyn. Today she wore a particularly long dress. I'm not going to say that I'm totally convinced that she's gone over to the dark side, but she's definitely not the same as she was before. She's lost something for sure. That absolute need to bring it every day, which is surprising because you'd think that she, of all the Fox girls, would understand that ethos more than anyone. Maybe she's feeling the pressure of being the so-called Chosen One, the Face. We'll see, I hope this is an aberration. At least she hasn't worn pants yet, at least I don't remember that she did.

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