Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/6 Caps

You gotta love Alisyn. She'll complain about how cold it is in the studio, but cover up? No way in hell. You go girl! Amy was looking pretty good, but hopefully she'll ditch this dark hose for something more like what Alisyn was wearing. If she ain't gonna be bare, then you gotta go with the sheer black. You can't beat that. It looked like FNC had to use a different set for both the Fox Report and Geraldo. As a result, Kimberly was only on for like 10 minutes and then wore about the worst outfit I've ever seen her wear. She had glasses on and something big and black. It was the big desk so you couldn't see anything anyway. It may have been the same outfit she had on earlier in the week when she was on Redeye. That wasn't too inspiring either. What's up with these regular FNC chicks who go on Redeye and don't show anything like Juliet and Kimberly? The guests are kicking their asses!

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