Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/9 Caps

This time of year is always tenuous I notice. Or any time it starts to warm up after a long cold winter. You'd think the women would doff their winter clothes and go for something more amenable to us. But for some, not all, they go the opposite way. They start wearing boots, especially those who don't normally do so. It's a very curious trend but you watch, and you'll see. This doesn't affect Robin Meade as she has been dressing the same since about November 1.
I allowed myself to get one cap of S.E. Cupp from Redeye because Ann Coulter was on and I swore to myself I would never cap her. Becky wasn't showing a whole lot of leg but it was not covered by boots so I'll take it. I think Christine Romans is pregnant again. What with CNN losing women like crazy, this ain't exactly a great time to be going on maternity leave any time soon. Heidi Collins left a few months back, Gerri Willis left, and Betty Nguyen is off to CBS. Tell the last person out to turn off the lights before they leave. Jane Pauley is back on the Today show doing monthly features. I don't remember her legs ever looking like that back when she was hosting the show. Dang, c'mon Ann and Natalie how can you both wear pants when Jane is kicking your asses? Check out the caps of Dawn Timmeney. Do I see a pokie there?

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