Saturday, March 13, 2010

3/12 Caps

Fairly jam packed day today. Stephanie Abrams with one of her 4 dresses but I'll take it. Jen Carfagno was on the early show and goddamn she had the worst voice I've ever heard. Like she swallowed a frog. I don't know why she was in, she sounded terrible. I know she probably wanted to gut it out but when your voice is your main tool, if it's hurting, give it a rest. Natalie was reasonable today and for some reason, Amy decided to wear pants for her weekend preview bit. Aditi Roy of our NBC 10 station was pretty hot. She's a rare beauty in a town that doesn't seem to value hot newswomen. She doesn't show a lot often and is too conservative but when she does she can be smoking. Margaret B. once again in red. C'mon girl don't you have anything else in the closet? Megyn's dress had a real nice looking upper part but the bottom part was too long. She hasn't brought it often. Too often the dress has come up short. I don't mean short as in length of course. Also, the whole show is being shot from the wrong side. They should be shooting it from the right side, her left. She wears this slit dress but the slit is on her left and we never see any of it.

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