Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4 Caps

Kate Bolduan was in for Kiran today. Something curious happened though. Kiran hasn't had a sitdown in a few weeks, but the one day she is out, they have not one but two sitdowns. Probably just a coincidence but you wonder why that occurs. Who on the staff there is deciding when to schedule these sitdowns. Kiran was also out last week and some completely random chick I've never seen before was subbing for her. Strange. At least they have been using Christine Romans as a some-time fill-in. Natalie almost hit a game-winning walkoff grand slam today but the boots up kept to a 3 run game-tying shot. She doesn't go for the full gusto as often as I would like. But it was pretty good regardless. I don't know what's going on with Margaret Brennan. First of all, she's got to cut down the red a little. Second she wears a rather disappointing skirt that a teacher would wear. She needs to go on vacation again. Finally the Insider did a feature on the foxes of Fox. They featured Megyn Kelly, Sandra Smith, Jenna Lee and Harris Faulkner. I don't want this to come out wrong, but I'm sure it will. I think they chose Harris to show a little diversity. On the totem pole, Harris is pretty low compared to the other 3. But she's about the only prominent African American woman on staff. Really they could have picked a number of different women to focus. They could have used Rebecca Gomez for a Latin, or Shibani Joshi for Asian. Megyn was probably the only no-brainer choice. I found it hilarious when Jenna claimed that she didn't think she was a sex symbol or something like that. I suppose that she's genuinely modest but that kind of stretched credulity a little.

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