Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/19 & 3/20

Friday: CNN did a mention on how those hideous Ugg's are bad for women's feet. God, how I would love to scald with lava whoever invited those abominations. Anyway, Kiran proceeded to protest that her Ugg's, which she was wearing at the moment, with a complete lack of shame, could not be more uncomfortable than her four-inch heels. Well, Kiran, no one said you had to wear four-inch heels. And if you want to be comfortable, go home. Fox is trying out Dana Perino as a guest host on F&F. She seemed reasonable enough, and it fits with their past track record of finding talent from non-traditional backgrounds. She certainly ticks the box for the one qualification needed to work at Fox, blond hair. Susan Koeppen showed again why she should be seriously considered to fill-in for Maggie when she goes on maternity leave. I would suggest a rotation of Susan and some local talent that they bring in. Betty could shift over to the big chair every other day and they bring the local person in as the newsreader. I don't know how Betty will do in a morning news show role, it's a bit different than being a pure newsreader like she did at CNN. I think she'll be fine, but she may not light the room up in quite the way that the suits are really looking for. Margaret Brennan was in red again and it was the long dress. Looks almost like the same one that Kiran wears. Megyn came back strong today. Maybe she read my post, not! Regardless I still won't go back on my previous day's statement because of the mere fact that she has not been consistent. She needs to be more consistent still.

Saturday: Elizabeth Vargas was in today at GMA. Still looks like they are doing a rotation for the weekend. For my taste, I always prefer a rotation whenever they are looking to replace a long-time host. Gives us a variety to look at. The rest of the day was relatively up to standard except for a big surprise on Geraldo. Laurie Dhue returned from whatever monastery she's been hiding out in for the last couple years. I always found her departure from Fox to be very strange and to be honest I can't recall the specifics. I know she had an ill-fated and ill-advised stint where she was based in the Middle East. I think she was thinking that she would try to see if she could be a "serious" journalist. After that it seemed like she fell out of favor with the bosses. I'm not sure what this appearance was all about. She was on ostensibly to discuss cheating and infidelity what with all the current stories. I'm not sure how she qualifies as some kind of expert in that field. Could this be a toe in the water for an eventual return for Laurie or was this just the beginning of occasional appearances? Either way, she looked good, older for sure, and the HD reveals it more. Oh well, I hope we see more of her.

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