Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moves And Changes

Looks like Kate Snow is leaving ABC to go to NBC and work for Dateline. Doing exactly what, I have no clue. I think this was inevitable. Kate never seemed to embrace the morning show host thing and after she didn't get a sniff of the weekday newsreader slot I think she saw the beginnings of the writing on the wall. I still don't understand how working on snoozy, boring Dateline is any good for her but I guess it fits her personality. I think she probably got tired of having to dress nice and look nice as a morning show anchor. it just never seemed to be in her. There's been talk of who will replace her. Names mentioned are Jujube, Biana, Deborah Roberts or Elisabeth Leamy, the consumer reporter. I really hope it isn't Jujube or Mrs. Roker. Biana seems to have pigeonholed herself by getting engaged to that government dude. Maybe she could commute up from D.C. for the weekend. Elizabeth Vargas is supposedly working tomorrow why not her? But the overall problem is that ABC has no guts and only gives them one hour. I actually don't blame Kate for wanting to do more. When your network only gives you one hour a day what's that tell you about their commitment to improving the show?

Also CNN is really going downhill. They're losing women like crazy. And now there's talk that the morning could be revamped. How, no one knows. Maybe something like Morning Joe, or Fox & Friends. This doesn't exactly bode well for Kiran if she's not in the plans. American Morning's ratings are worse than most local 11 PM news broadcasts. Unfortunately the bad ratings aren't going to help Kiran's cause in looking for better work if it comes to that. But I think that if they are going to keep Kiran, then this would be very good if they change the format to something a little more personality-driven. The current show is really stiff and boring. I just don't have a good handle on what the point of the show is. The older version of the show with Hemmer and Soledad was better. It was warmer and had more personality. This current show just looks cold and distant in their current set. Something does need to be done I think. Just don't get rid of Kiran! Or she does go, go somewhere where she can continue to bring the legs.

Also, a rumor was dropped that another female CNNer would be leaving after her contract is up and she is being courted by a big 3 network. Who that could be, they did not say.  But it should be pretty easy to figure out who it is by looking at who's left. She's described as a top-line talent. Seems like Soledad O'Brien would fit that description but it's probably someone who's not on my radar, but if she's 'top-line' it's probably not a run-of-the-mill reporter/correspondent type. Who that network could be who is courting her I don't know. It depends on for what. I would probably doubt it's NBC.

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