Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/30 Caps

Christi Paul in for Robin Meade again and she was shimmering in a gold suit. Biana G. and Liz V. showing us all that ABC made a horrible mistake hiring the housewife and the Greek for the GMA jobs. Engagement seems to suit Biana. Scarlet Fu continuing to knock it totally out of the state. I challenge FBN to come up with someone as hot as her both in terms of body and exoticness as well as talent. Shibani is probably the single prettiest one there but her body is lacking.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/29 Caps

Kiran Chetry showed some good backside walking back to the desk. She seemed to do it particularly sexily. Alisyn Camerota let her Spanks show a bit too much. I guess even she needs a little help. Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe tag teamed the Today show pretty well.
Scarlet Fu was once again Fu-king hot on Bloomberg. Margaret who??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alexis Glick Quit Fox Business Network

Well this news kind of snuck in under the radar during the Christmas break. Alexis has left Fox Business Network. I think it's one of the first signs that the network is not really working out as Fox had hoped for. Alexis was brought in as the brain behind the outfit along with Cavuto. She was supposed to originally only run the show behind the camera but of course that she needed to be in front of the camera for the net to have any kind of success. I suppose the formula seemed alright at the time; use Fox's patented blend of legs and conservatism and set to a business-oriented beat while focusing more on Main Street than Wall Street. But something seems to have gone amiss since then. The signing of Imus and the total scuttling of the early morning schedule was a sign that Fox was realizing that the original plan wasn't working. I'm not sure that the new plan is going to work any better. One wonders what the ultimate fate of the network is going to be. I wonder how long Fox will let it go without any significant improvement in ratings. For the first year or so, they didn't really try to even make a comment on it as the network was still getting onto most cable systems. I'm pretty certain that it's fairly widely available now, although for Comcast, it's on a digital tier package, not basic like CNBC.
However it doesn't seem like they've done a whole lot to really distinguish themselves from CNBC and Bloomberg. Their weekday shows look fairly similar with a mix of anchors, in-studio experts and guests, along with exchange floor reporters. CNBC just looks to have too much momentum built up, and Bloomberg has the built in name recognition from years of financial markets and business reporting. I really wonder if Fox really had their heart set in this venture. When I first heard about their plans for the network way back, I was skeptical. I didn't really see where Fox could really grow the viewership and exploit CNBC's weaknesses. Sure they would have siphoned off some people but really not enough to make that much of a difference. Now mind you, I never really thought Alexis was all that. I thought that she was damaged goods after her fall from grace at NBC where she went from being a candidate to replace Katie Couric to being out the door. I thought she really revealed her weaknesses and limitations fairly early on. I think maybe her recruitment by Fox was partly taken out of a desire to get a measure of revenge on NBC, as FBN would be targeting her old employers. But now it appears that Alexis has seen the original vision kind of dimming, and her role shrinking and wondering why should she bother to be around anymore. She claims that she has some other new venture. We'll see. I think she's ultimately rather limited as a TV personality. She either comes off too chummy and kind of tom-boyish (which is endearing when she's hamming it up with the guys and talking sports) or far too mannered in her vocal delivery especially when reading off the teleprompter. Sure she's nice looking and all and I'm going to miss her legs, but since I never saw them anyway after Imus took over, I guess I'm not going to miss it.

12/28 Caps

Christi Paul doing a nice show while in for Robin. Meredith seeming almost to try too hard recently. She showed a lot of thigh to that Goldman dude who just got his son back from Brazil. I mean NBC's already in bed with him but looks like Meredith wanted to get in bed literally! Also she's been wearing the platform shoes more what's up with that. I like that she's lost weight but it almost seems out of desperation like she's afraid of the competition. Scarlet Fu came out nowhere to sub for Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg and put on a real nice leg show. Almost made me prefer her over Marg! I'm curious though as the camera was a lot more generous with the leg shots on Scarlet than they have been with Margaret. Even during the walk and sitdown where she talks to the currency chick, for Scarlet they showed her whole body whereas when Margaret does it, they barely show the tops of her thighs. What's up with that. They also did a lot more swoops and pans of Scarlet than they have for Margaret. Overall though very impressive. It seems like Bloomberg is trying to give both FBN and CNBC a run in the babe department.

Monday, December 28, 2009

12/27 Caps

Nicole Pettalides from Fox Biz showed up on Fox & Friends combining for quite a nice scene along with Courtney. The lack of Today show caps indicates that Jenna Wolfenstein once again made it difficult for me to understand why she has a job. Or at least the job that she has. Jamie Colby was once again exactly the same as she was last week. She's almost robotically consistent. She's not like Laurie Dhue who had the happy legs and would change her leg cross and move around. I almost prefer that better to Jamie's kind of mannequin approach. At least you get more variety with that in terms of caps and upskirt potential. With Jamie it's like one cap says it all. I don't think she's ever crossed her left leg over her right on Sunday. As with Saturday, they didn't do the shot of Julie Banderas sitting on the chair at the half hour mark of Fox Report. Don't know what's up with that. She doesn't look that far along that she can't get on the chair.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

12/26 Caps

Pretty good day today. Courtney Friel continued her gig on Fox & Friends. Once again, my biggest pet peeve about the show reared it's ugly head today. All three hosts cram their laptops on the little table they have there, which proceed to block the view of the legs. Now I think the regular hosts do a better job and know to push the screen down all the way, but these weekenders aren't hip to that trick. Lynn Berry was the newsreader on Today and joined in on a segment about the events of the year. Biana Golodryga got to fill in for Kate Snow on GMA. She is making a very good show in light getting ABSOLUTELY SCREWED by the geniuses at ABC out of the GMA newsreader job. They decided that they would rather give the job to someone who looks like a housewife than a supermodel. In fact, that's what I'm going to call her from now on, the housewife.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

12/25 Caps

Christmas Day slowness as expected with the biz channels taking the day off and other nets running reduced programming. The Today Show crew traditionally all comes for the morning. Maryanne Silber got a nice spot on America's Newsroom. Courtney Friel continued her fill-in gig on Fox & Friends.

Friday, December 25, 2009

12/24 Caps

Xmas Eve brings out some interesting views. I never realized Tamron Hall's legs were so skinny. Stephanie Abrams redeemed herself somewhat with the red dress and boots look. Jamie Colby in for Martha and looking nice. Rebecca Gomez in studio for Happy Hour and in another festive outfit. The Fox & Friends Christmas special was a big disappointment. When the military chicks are showing more leg than Alisyn and Gretchen were, there's something wrong with that.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12/23 Caps

You can tell that folks are looking forward to that long Christmas weekend as the caps goodness starts to get a bit thinner with people being off and all that. The good thing is that sometimes the subs are better like Jenna Lee being in for Cheryl Casone or Tracy Byrnes in for Cody Willard.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/22 Caps

The Christmas fashion theme continued today. We had Robin Meade and Gretchen Carlson in green, Sandra Smith in red. Jenna Lee was in hot pink so I guess that kinda counted. Go-Go in green so we had the Happy Hour Holiday dress theme going on.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/21 Caps

Today was a red themed day for sure. Gretchen, Kiran, Jenna Lee (where have you been?), Rebecca Gomez, and Kerri Lee Halkett were sporting the seasonal colors. Tracy Byrnes and Martha MacCallum were the grinch-like holdouts, not that I particularly minded of course.

Monday, December 21, 2009

12/21 Caps

Alisyn showed today why she's an all timer because she never mails it in. On a day when others easily could have worn pants or boots she said "No frickin' way, I ain't letting my boys down" and busted out an amazing double slit skirt and sheer black hose with a tight green sweater. How can you not love that? Jamie Colby wore the blinding silver shoes again and with her Christmas-appropriate red dress looked like she was ready to become a living Christmas ornament. Not a bad idea, I think.
Robin Meade hosted a taped show covering the year in sports and whatever else with a panel of ex-jocks like Kyle Petty, Dennis Eckersley, and Sir Charles. Needless to say the real positive of this show was seeing Robin's big jugs and cleavage in sparkling HD.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

12/19 Caps

GMA got pre-empted for me because of the snow. NBC didn't do it. I hate when they do that. Alisyn, Gerri, Courtney Friel and Kelly "Mama" Cass were all showing off their blond goodness. Dagen was showing off some nice cleavage but what the hell was she wearing on her legs? Looked like solid black tights I guess, but thick enough to be considered leggings? Meanwhile Tracy was her usual self, ignoring the cold with bare legs.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

12/18 Caps

Martha MacCallum and Go-Go busting out the bare legs today. Alisyn Camerota and Margaret Brennan loving the red leather. That looks like the shortest skirt on Margaret that I've seen while she's been on Bloomberg. Cheryl Casone and Sandra Smith both sporting the red dresses. As mentioned previously, Nancy O'Dell's last day was today.

Nancy O'Dell's last day was yesterday

Nancy O'Dell unexpectedly resigned from Access Hollywood effective yesterday. She didn't really give a concrete reason why but one article I read indicated that she was uncomfortable with the editorial direction of the show. When you work for a celebrity/gossip/tabloid show you often times have to compromise your morality and I wonder if maybe she is being a little hypocritical if she is having a problem with the show after having worked there for 13 years. In her defense I will say that AH is a lot less sleazy then Entertainment Tonight or the Insider. I give AH credit for not covering the Octomom story while ET and Insider continued their breathless and non-stop "exclusive" coverage. I couldn't help but appreciate the irony of the ET cameras being inside Octomom's SUV while she was bringing the kids home and the paparazzi were trying to get pictures right outside the car and her house. But I digress. I thought that Nancy was a pretty classy lady and she tried to approach an essentially lightweight and frivolous job with some kind of integrity and professionalism while also being one hell of a fox. I'll miss her. I assume they will not replace her because they have Shaun Robinson and Maria Menounos. I could care less about Shaun. Maria is foxy, but she is rather inconsistent in her hair and outfit choices. I also think she is a complete dunce. I have noticed that she hasn't shown up on the Today in a while even though she is supposed to be their "West Coast" correspondent, whatever the hell that means. The term "correspondent" used to mean something back in the days before the Internet and cell phones and instantaneous media coverage. She was part of the semi-rotation of women who did the 9 AM hour. I haven't seen that happening a while though. Maria Celeste of Telemundo was also in the mix. I wonder if they have nixed that idea. It seemed like a big waste in general. The whole concept kinda got killed when they took the 10 AM hour and gave it to Hoda and Kathie Lee.
The only thing that pisses me off about Nancy leaving is that she did it before AH went HD, not that it ever will but I wish I could have seen her in HD more than the one time she was on the Today show. She says she'll continue in the business so I hope she shows up somewhere else and the best of luck to her and to all of us that we continue to view her lovely face, body and gams.

From 12/18/09

Friday, December 18, 2009

12/17 Caps

Robin was finally leggy in HD for me but this is her only appearance of the week. I am not sure how they figure out who substitutes for her. Some days it's Christy Paul (yay!) and some days it's Richard Lui (boo!). As long as it's not that execrable Natasha Curry. Worst excuse for a news anchor I've ever seen. Alisyn and Gogo showing a lot of leg. Cheryl Casone and Martha Mac appearing to buy their hose at the same place.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/16 Caps

Juliet did double duty on both Redeye and the News. She's a dunce though for sure. Listening to her talking about Iran is kinda like getting investment advice from Bernie Madoff. I think Martha is a bit of a drone as well parroting the Fox company line. I don't mind that Fox is pushing their agenda but at least be intelligent about it. Jenna Bush was hot once again on the Today Show. Too bad her voice sounds like she gargles with sand but I am very pleased with what she's brought. Natalie once again outshone Amy in the leg exposure department and that's always an encouraging sign. Go-Go was once again go-going but the quality of the HD on FBN is a bit disappointing. It doesn't look all that much better than the SD channel.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/15 Caps

Not a bad day today. I no longer had a guilty feeling capping Gretchen because Alisyn was in for her. Maybe she'll be in for the rest of the month? One can only hope. Natalie was showing decent leg today. Margaret B. was again hot in red. I didn't get a full leg shot but you could tell it would have been pretty good since she wasn't wearing boots. Didn't get as many shots of Martha but she was still pretty good in the dark hose. Gogo in a nice electric blue dress rounds out the caps.

12/14 Caps

Not too bad of a day. Today Show blew. Gretchen was pretty leggy. I'm so torn capping her because I find her personally repulsive but she is pretty devout about wearing skirts so you gotta give her that. Kiran had a nice taped interview sit down. Margaret B. was showing good knees, too bad the rest was booted. Martha Mac was definitely bringing the sheer black hosed legs today. Very nice. And the usual suspects were, well the usual suspects.

Monday, December 14, 2009

12/13 Caps

Not a whole lot yesterday but what was there wasn't too bad. Alisyn was OK, not the shortest skirt ever. I missed Jamie Colby. For some reason they must not have had the Doc on today because it didn't record that half hour and my DVR is scheduled to record that show. Julie and Laura provided good leg later on.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/12 Caps

Once again, Saturdays are proving to be the best day of the week. We got not necessarily the best leg show from Alisyn but it was alright. Amy was pretty good. Kate Snow was busting it out today, maybe trying to tell the GMA bosses that their decision to go with Jujube, in the words of the Rock, ABSOLUTELY SUCKED!! Nicole Pettalides showed up on F&F and showed once again that her talents are being utterly wasted reporting from the NYSE floor. Swap her with Cheryl Casone please! Geri Willis, Dagen, and Tracy Byrnes were once again their reliable best. The FBN camera did a nice pan over their legs as they checked out the beer on display. Julie B returned to the Fox Report with Laura Ingle after being off the previous weekend. Finally, Kimberly Guilfoyle was HOLY CRAP totally busting it loose with an all-black ensemble of ultra short leather skirt, hose and boots. I think she was trying to become one of Tiger Woods' ho-ho-ho's.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 Caps

First time I've seen Christi Paul in forever and an age. Too bad she was wearing boots but I think she was on maternity leave. After having to suffer through the execrable Natasha Curry (does she own anything other than black pants) being Robin's top back up, it's nice to see someone who actually understands that you gotta bring a little sizzle to go with your steak. Natalie Morales brought her A++ game today, sporting some major thigh on a day when she easily could have mailed it in what with it being Friday and all. But she showed Amy that she also can bring it just as good. It's too bad we don't get Natalie and Amy together more often because those two can drive the leg show through the roof much like their old days together at MSNBC. I still think Amy is getting hosed with Jenna Wolfenstein taking the Sunday job. I decided to start recording MSNBC to see if I could get some of Contessa Brewer. I saw that Lynn Berry was anchoring there. She used to work in Philly and defected to New York. Guess the rest of them had the day off. Not that I watch MSNBC much but part of the reason why is because of their utterly inconsistent and confusing schedule and also the steadily growing dearth of leg shows.
Also Melissa Lee busted out some bold looking striped hose. She's definitely trying to up her profile a bit what with her taking over a lot of Dylan Ratigan's work. Hell, I don't mind I'd rather see her than Dylan. Some guys think her lips are sexy, but to me they've always looked like fish lips. Still she ain't Margaret Brennan. Unfortunately she was off today and she wore pants yesterday so nothing good from Bloomberg.

12/10 Caps

Bit of a slow day. Another Alexis sitdown but not in studio. Diane in fishnets continuing her goodbye tour. Boy that show's gonna suck starting next week. Alisyn in a nice red looks-like-leather skirt. Probably leather since she's worn a red leather skirt before. Kate Hudson showing off her legs to Dave.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

GMA Shakeups Not Boding Well For GN Lovers

George Stephanopoulos has officially accepted the GMA job to replace Diane Sawyer. No surprise there. What was surprising is that apparently Chris Cuomo is leaving/being removed/promoted whatever the "Ann Curry" position and Juju Chang is getting the job. Jujube Fricking Chang??!?! She was a part-timer, doing occasional fill-ins on the weekends and maybe a throwaway feature or two. Now she's a heartbeat away from one of the main host chairs? That means she's the number one sub if one of them is out. That's got to be a slap in the face to both Kate Snow and Biana Golodryga, both of whom are much more deserving of the job at least from a GN perspective. Jujube is frumpy looking at best and is vanilla all the way around. I think GMA was looking for some racial balance. Look at all the morning shows and you'll see some kind of mix there. But I think this points out ABC's utter lack of a bench and for future planning. Their idea of moving Diane into the news anchor chair is just the most recent example of no planning. How long can they expect Diane to stay there? She's going to have to retire soon and then they're going to have to go through the same thing again. Who's waiting in the wings? Who's the next Charlie Gibson or Diane Sawyer at ABC? I don't see them.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/9 Caps

Not too great of a day but there was some stuff. Lauren Sivan is making a nice showing as one of the newer FNC hotties on Redeye. Actually got some caps of Alexis Glick and Jenna Lee. Haven't seen much of either of them since Imus booted them off the mornings for the most part. What a bummer that was. So much for Fox wanted to use their hot female talent, instead they put up a washed-up wrinkled puss. How exactly does Imus fit into their "business" plan?? Makes little sense to me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8 Caps

Pretty good day. Becky finally ditched the boots and we got a good look at her pale creamy white legs. OK, she was wearing hose but it was close to her skin color. Alisyn was subbing on F&F which is always a good thing as I can't stand Gretchen Carlson, she's the goddamn anti-Christ. She ran off both ED Hill and Kiran. Ann and Nat were doing pretty well on the Today. Martha was doing America's Newroom, so Juliet was subbing for on the Live Desk. I guess they don't really have a permanent sub for ANR in Megyn's absence? Seemed like PAB was doing it mostly, oh well. Margaret Brennan was again rojo caliente. She really likes the red that's for sure. And the rest were pretty good.

Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7 Caps

Pretty good today. Hoping for Becky Quick to not wear boots. I goofed up and deleted my Kiran clips before capping. She had a nice display of hosed leg during a taped segment on autism treatment. Margaret Brennan again smokin' in red. Man she's just letting loose after being muzzled by CNBC all these years. Juliet Huddy was leggy filling in for Martha Mac who was on F&F. Juliet is starting to look old though or maybe the HD is just revealing things. Check out the Maria Menounos caps. Nice outfit but what in the frick is she doing with her hair? I swear it looks like a toupee right around the top of her head. Crazy. This chick has too many hairdos and half of them suck.

12/6 Caps

Main feature of today was Jamie Colby in what I guess were some pretty nice shoes but I couldn't tell because they were blinding me. Rosana Franco was also en fuego.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

12/5 Caps

Well, lotsa good stuff today, mainly 'cuz I got all the new HD channels! So I got Fox & Friends and Alisyn was obliging quite nicely in a tight top and decent thigh. Not quite as much as the old days though. FBN doesn't seem to benefit from the HD as much. Their SD channel seems almost as good. The biz channels put the picture to the left and use the right panel for all of their stats. FNC really takes advantage of the widescreen. In fact their SD channel is now letter-boxed as they are not even attempting to frame their shots for a 4:3 viewing area. Make sense I guess. Was annoying when I was trying to cap before cuz the picture is essentially half the size.
Picked up the Weather Channel as well so I capped Weekend View with Kelly Cass and her partner whose name I didn't get. I used to cap the show but lapsed. But with it now in HD I will start watching it.
I normally wouldn't cap Redeye if I don't follow the female guests but I grabbed a couple caps just to show what it looks like now.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is it me or does Nancy's lips look bigger than they used to?

From 12/04/09

Friday, December 4, 2009

12/4 Caps

Well got my first HD caps of CNBC, FNC, FBN, HLN, MIC, KEY, MOU... oh you get the idea. Anyway not a whole lot as it's Friday. Becky Quick was bootsing but she showed thigh, got a better look at how pale and creamy her legs are. I still like 'em, I got thing for readheads. Martha Mac was in pants, dammit! I hope Bloomberg goes HD 'cuz then we'll see Margaret Brennan really showing her stuff. She was HOT in a tight red dress. You could all her curves for sure. I can't wait for Megyn Kelly to get back from maternity leave and really show it off in HD.

12/3 Caps

Not a really busy day. Kiran was pretty good with a real short one and her new favorite dark black hose. Diane Sawyer was giving a few good parting shots before George Craponopoulos takes over. Bobbie Thomas brightened an otherwise dull Today show. Barb B. was her usual reliable hot self on PI.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good News

Well Comcast finally hooked me up with HD on pretty much every channel there is. So now I am even with those "other" guys and I can get better caps than them because I don't waste my time on multiple identical headshots of the same anchor woman who never shows her legs and I can concentrate on getting you the stuff you really want.

12/2 Caps

Curious both GMA and TTS had Christmas (Oops I mean holiday) party dress segments. Looks like GMA outfitted all their models in the same opaque black hose/tights kinda thing. At least TTS went with some variety and they used a couple twins. In terms of real GN's, Ann and Natalie did pretty well. My girl Margaret B. continues to impress. She's just continuing to show how unloved she was at CNBC. She's got her own show and she's showing that she's just as good if not better than those so-called Money Honeys and Biz Babes. Barb and Ilia were both busting it as well.

12/1 Caps

Oops, forgot about this one. Well we had Kristen Stewart from an appearance on Kimmel a couple weeks ago. Ann and Nat were pretty good. Martha Mac, Liz C., Go-Go were nice and leggy. Jessica Alba was a guest on Lopez Tonight. I really like that show compared to the other guys out there. He just seems to have funnier jokes and he comes from a pretty varied background of experience in TV, movies and stand-up.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

11/30 Caps

Quite a busy day. We had Diane Sawyer pretty leggy, and Ann Curry as well. It was a parade of young hotties on Live with Ashley Greene from Twilight and another young chica whose name I forget. Also I finally got Margaret Brennan who is now on Bloomberg. Man she is smoking. Arguably the hottest Philly news anchor Aditi Roy was showing off her nicely shaped bare legs. She rarely busts them out but when she does, she's the best. There was a special in-studio edition of Happy Hour and Go-Go and Tracy were legging it out. For a night cap, Joanna Krupa was a guest on Lopez and Annalynne McCord was on Conan.

Monday, November 30, 2009

11/29 Caps

What'd I tell you? Kate Snow was back to her bundling and booting ways on Sunday. At least Marysol didn't notice anything different and kept going on with her bad self. Jenna finally ditched the boots. However we got no full leg shot. Damn NBC did not remove the banner or chiron or whatever the hell that thing is called. Rosana Franco was absolutely en fuego on Republica. Too bad I lost my digital TV ability. I have to record it off of the DVR and man it sucks. When oh when are you going HD Univision?? Julie B. had no good sitdown but she was wearing a short one. I hear she's pregnant and she's definitely starting to show. I wonder who will fill in for her. I hope Laura Ingle. Keep the legginess going I say.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/28 Caps

You know, it's funny, Kate Snow is usually the type to start bundling up around Labor Day. But every once in a while she'll bust out the bare legs and the peep toes. Also, Gerri Willis was hot in what I think is her best outfit, the short skirt and the too-tight turtleneck. It shows off the curves that she has, and for some reason I find that look particularly sexy for her. She's not as skinny as she used to be. Just compared her jowls to caps from a few years ago, but she's still do-able in a milf kind of way. I suppose it's pointless to milf out about most newswomen since for the most part, they are actual milfs. Even the single ones who have kids usually come back strong and seem like they haven't missed a beat. But GW seems to embody that. She won't win any swimsuit contests now but she's pretty, she seems like a real nice person, and the blonde hair goes a long way. So here's to ya, Gerri, keep rocking that milf body till it stops. Too bad they hid Dani Babb behind the table. I guess she's not doing the Fox Business Saturday show anymore.

Friday, November 27, 2009

11/27 Caps

Featuring Rashida Jones of "Parks & Recreation", a very underrated hottie. Also Christine Romans in for Kiran showing off some nice dark hose. Natalie Morales showing a ton of thigh and Stephanie Abrams really transforming herself into a near stone hottie. OK, she ain't there yet and she probably never will be but the Weather Channel/NBC merger has already paid off handsomely.Big Al can stay off for a little longer. Now if they can only somehow get rid of that Janice Huff from the weekends.

11/26 Caps

Not a whole lot what with Thanksgiving, but Biana Golodryga showing some damn nice fishnets and also not knowing which camera is on. Also, a good Thanksgiving treat with the Foxy one guesting on Leno. For that we can all give thanks.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25 caps

Claire Danes rocking an amazing body on Fallon, damn where'd that come from? Last time I saw her she was a skinny teenager. Fallon gets some damn nice ones on his show. Also Natalie Portman rocking a super short one on the View very nearly giving us all the 'view' we all want to see!