Friday, September 26, 2008

Nice Boobs, Alexis!

Much Better, Jenna

Jenna took one look at that English Emma and said "You don't come into my house and dress like that."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rockin' Robin Is Just... Different

I don't normally cap a non-skirt day, but I just had to to point out something about Rockin' Robin. She just definitely doesn't swim with the tide that's for sure. She's worn the leggings before but not with boots. In addition to their "Escaped from the '80's"look, they definitely are stuff most newsbabes wouldn't be caught dead with, but Robin seems to want to be different. Sure it does come off kinda sexy in a white trash way, unfortunately it comes off sexy in a white trash kinda way. Not only that but the way she's sitting. I'm not getting that, but she only sits that way when she wears those leggings. Strange. I don't think I've ever seen a girl sit like that who was older than 10. If you know where Robin came from, then you know that she always seems one step from the trailer park and that wacko voice she used to have when she started out on TV. You can still hear it creep back into her voice every once in a while when she's not paying attention. I could go on about the shtick that she does that annoys me, but I gotta give her props for being busty, sexy, and lively. I just wish she'd cut out the dressing like a high school hooker thing.

A Strange Day on Today

The top two morning news shows have this strange notion that they can travel the country and "take the pulse" of America in this presidential election season. All I know is that it really screws up the works. Matt and Al was in Virginia today doing something. They dragged Amy down there to do what appeared one story on something that I didn't bother to pay attention to, and that was it. One story. So Meredith held down the fort and wasn't actually too bad, and Hoda played Ann/Amy for the day. Otherwise fairly forgettable because they also decided to bring in Billy Shrub. If they had a female they could have somewhat made up for things, but oh well, I guess they had to stick to the theme of the day, just plain old strangeness.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What The Hell Happened To CNN's Issue #1?

CNN had Issue #1 which was on at 12 PM direct from the New York with Christine and Gerri and it was a good show with lots of leg including Popcorn Poppy Harlow. Now the show is a bunch of head shots and Tony Potts from Atlanta anchors the show and the business types only show up every so often. What gives? I want my sit downs with Christine and Gerri and my leg shows with Poppy back!

Julie Chen Is Annoying And Unwanted

I find Julie Chen really annoying now that Big Bro is over with and she has insinuated herself back on the Early Show. I thought Mags and Harry made a good pair and seemed to do well but with Jules butting herself in it's upset all the chemistry. Plus Jules hasn't exactly been dressing all that great. I've not really warmed up to Jules and it's obvious that part of it that's she's married to the boss so you can never quite be sure about her. Also, her hosting Big Brother seems to taint her newsworthy skills, not that she had much to begin with. Kind of in the same way that Meredith Vieira continues to host the Millionaire show. I don't understand that. One, I don't understand why she's the host and two, I don't understand why NBC tolerates it. At least with Jules, she's doing a CBS show so you can kinda understand. Still, I don't think Jules really brings anything to the table and I think the show would be much better with just Mags and Harry. Mags has a softer, more approachable look and personality. Jules come off a bit snobby, and snooty, too much the Hollywood trophy wife who just does the job because she wants to keep busy. Plus I can't stand it when Jules does her thing from L.A. and she gets people up in the morning there at 4 stinking o'clock to do an interview. Gimme a break, the only reason she can do that is 'cuz she's married to the boss. Anyone else, I'm like, screw you I'm staying in bed.

In additional CBS Early Show news, Erica Hill has been named the permanent host (for now, permanent is a relative word with CBS) of Saturday. I'm, like, ehh... ok. I really wish that they would have given it to someone who was with CBS for a while, maybe a Susan Koeppen, but she's pregnant (again) so she's out. It seemed like such a long, tortured period after Mags left to take the big job and they just kept rotating different girls in and out. Some of them were quite good, actually. I almost liked that approach more than settling on one, because I was afraid that they would settle on the wrong one and we'd be stuck with her. Well, I kinda get that feeling with EH. When she was on Headline News a few years ago, I would record her to get some leg but I would never get anything good. Yeah, she'd show some but she'd go for long periods of pants. She had a bit more weight back then and she had the thunder legs going on. I always thought she was a bit conservative. Then she really disappeared off my radar and landed in New York. I guess the only real reason she's got the job is because of the CNN/CBS talent sharing deal and that she's in NY because it's a one day a week job and they can't really afford to pull someone off another job or fly someone in from an affiliate. OK, I get that, but even with that, I still think there were other choices. I for one never viewed EH as any kind of a morning news show host, just never seemed the type. Oh well, guess we'll have to get used to her and see how she works out. In the couple times that I've seen her on Saturdays, she's worn pants, so I'm not too optimistic. She'll be on and off, but not like Mags or Tracy Smith who were almost always on.

A Disturbing Trend

Whoopi Goldberg is showing the most leg on the View these past couple days, which ought to disturb most people. Whoopi has about as much business wearing a skirt and hose as I do. What's more disturbing though is that Elisabeth seems to be slacking a great deal. She busted out a skirt for Bill Clinton but she had boots on today. She's been pretty spotty since their season started and since she's about the only one worth looking at, even though she's a dimbulb with questionable political leanings, if she ain't looking good, the show is worthless.

Arggh, Amy In Pants

And with Meredith doing her boots thing, it was pretty thin on Today today.

Boots Already, Alexis?

Alexis Glick is the first Fox Biz babe I've seen wear boots this season and I sure hope it's the last. As with all of these early season boots appearances, I cannot fathom a reason for them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

English Bird Emma Kick's Jenna's Ass

English Emma from the FBN office in London joined the MfB crew today and totally outdressed Jenna, who had on a long blue dress. Jenna has got to realize that she is one of the top two best lookers on staff there (along with Shibani Joshi) and really needs to make everyone aware of that. She's consistently among the most conservative dressers (along with Shibani. Notice a trend?). The other girls aren't as good looking but they seem to want to do more. Jenna should be doing more and should be showing who's boss against the interloper. I love English birds, that accent is so randy and shag-adelic, but c'mon, Jenna, show some bollocks.

Ann Update

So it looks like Ann Curry actually went to Pakistan to cover the hotel bombing. I gotta say that I'm a little worried about Ann's continued desire to go covering events like this. I mean I respect the fact that she loves her job and wants to be there to cover these things because she has a passion for it and feels that she can bring attention to the problems and issues that exist in the world. The problem though is that she's no spring chicken anymore and this type of war-zone/hot spot type coverage is something that should be left to the young and expendable. We've seen Western journalists get killed and/or taken hostage in these kinds of places and each time someone goes there it just increases the risk. Now I probably sound very paternalistic because selfishly I'd rather Ann be in the studio and give me some of those great leg crosses that she does where she nearly flashes the camera. I suppose that it is the contradiction that you see with Ann. She is great with the soft studio stuff but has really built a career out of being a crusading, go anywhere to cover a story reporter in the best traditions of the profession.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fox Business Knows What's Important

Even in this time of Wall Street melting down and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Fox Business knows that it's still important to bring the leg as much as possible. They know that their babes can do their jobs, break the news and provide insight and still be the sex goddesses of cable network news. Amen, bros, keep it up. Gotta hand it to Rebecca "Go-Go Girl" Gomez, Sandra "Double S" Smith, Tracy "T&A" Byrnes, La Liz "Large Cans" Claman, The Glickstress and Jenna "Yes That Is My Real Name And No I'm Not A Porn Star But I Could Be" Lee and all the others for showing CNBC that you don't have hide the legs when the shit hits the fan.

Amy In For Ann Today

OK, Amy was going to be on anyway but she was playing the Ann part today as well. Ann was apparently already under the weather a bit yesterday so I guess she just took today off. She'd been looking not so great anyway, so no big loss there. 'Sides, Amy's been rocking the hose and peep-toes all week and I'm a hose and foot fan if you ain't already noticed. While peep-toes ain't my ultimate cup of teas I guess they're tasteful and classy enough to wear with hose. I know there are some stupid rules about not wearing sandals or open-toed shoes with hose like it's something only old ladies or whatever. I really prefer them in, well, more adult example, but for the real world, I don't mind them, it's been done before, but not often. Curiously, the only examples of GN's wearing hose and sandals have been older types like Donna Fiducia and Meredith. Maybe there is something there.

No Casual Friday For Rockin' Robin

Robin bucked the trend by sporting the skirt and bare legs today.

Thursday: M.K .In D.C. - OK.....

Megyn was back in her old stomping grounds in D.C. yesterday. Not sure why as she didn't really seem to be there for any purpose wasn't like she was talking to anyone there. 'Course I didn't pay real close attention. All I know is that it was head shots only!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Lets Her Hair Down Literally And Figuratively For Hannity

This is slightly off-topic and I might be regretting this, but considering that Sarah Palin is about the only major female political candidate in a long time (maybe ever) who could be considered "hot" and she appears on all the news networks and hence it's impossible for anyone into GNN not to notice her, I thought this was worth mentioning. Good ol' Sarah did her second major TV interview last night on Fox News with Sean Hannity in part 1 of a 2 parter. Part 2 airs tonight. She had her hair fully down, unlike her previous appearances where her hair was either partially or totally up. Also, was it me, or was her skirt just a tad shorter than she gave ol' Charlie G. for his interview with her? Dunno, but it sure looked it! Now I'm sure it's a combination of being on an friendlier network and being interviewed by a more sympathetic interviewer but she seemed more relaxed and comfortable. Of course everyone knows that she won't be getting a whole lot of softballs from here on out. What I'm waiting for is an interview in full HD and not that crappo SD to HD stuff that ABC gave us. Maybe Jay Leno will get lucky and book her, and there's a fair chance of that considering that McCain has been on the show before. Letterman maybe not 'cuz he'll probably rattle her but it would be fun to see.

Rockin' Robin In Pants

Guess it's gonna be one of those weeks, which doesn't bode well for tomorrow (Friday) as she will likely be in jeans, 'cuz ya know, it's Casual Friday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Megyn Kelly Back With A Whimper

After a one-day absence, Megyn returned wearing a rather long skirt, for her. Don't ask me what's going on.

The Streak Ends!

Kiran finally had a sit down for the first time since 8/29 and that was a taped interview with Whoopi Goldberg. 8/27 was her last live sit down.

Rockin' Robin Out Of The Boots

OK, so it's gonna be that way, eh? I would normally say that she should make up her mind, but in that respect, female indecisiveness is a good thing. God forbid if she decided to wear boots all the time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rockin' Robin Back In Boots

Could it be permanent? Robin's always been a bit of a boot you-know-what so you never know if she decides to sport them for a long stretch.

Hurricane Amy Storms Back Into Town

Hurricane Amy saves the day and the Today show from the continued dreariness of Meredith, who made a brave attempt today, and Ann, who continues to be mired in a slump. Amy's calves of steel were gloriously adorned in sheer black hose, although the skirt could have been shorter. Ann has perplexed recently with a lack of show. She can be quite good if she puts the effort out but it seems that as soon as the weather turns she pulls out the shawls, the wraps, and the blankets and bundles herself up in them.

Well That Didn't Last Long

Megyn Kelly came back yesterday and now today Heather Nauert is in for her. I did not hear an explanation although there probably was one.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Megyn Kelly Back On Fox With A Vengeance

After two weeks of sitting behind a big desk for the Democratic and Republican conventions and then being off a week, Megyn Kelly said enough was enough and came back firing on all cylinders with a real nice short one. Good on ya, Megs!

Hurricane Amy's Continued Effects of the Today Show

Hurricane Amy's absence from the Today Show set continues to cause waves and bring cloudy skies. Ann and Meredith laid a real F-5 sized egg in pants and only small glimmers of sunlight appeared with the guests. Never fear, dear readers, GNN will continue to be on top of this developing story and continue to use as many weather analogies as we can get away with.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Amy on Hurricane Duty;Today Show Ruined

So they sent Amy to Texas to cover Ike. I have no idea why. Why oh why couldn't they have sent Ugly Jenna instead? Maybe she could have gotten blown out to sea. Sending Amy to cover a hurricane is like sending her to Iraq. Combat boots just don't suit her. Seeing her in a big ol' rain poncho trying to fight off the wind like Anderson "I Look Tough In A Black T-Shirt" Cooper just ain't right.

Linda Stouffer. Why!?!?

Robin promptly disappeared after Monday for three days and we were subjected to Linda Stouffer. What, no Susan Hendricks or Christy Paul? Linda is really not a bad looking lady, albeit a bit large eyed, but man is she more conservative than a nun. When she sat wearing a skirt, which ain't often but happened this week, her legs were so tight together you needed the Jaws of Life to get them apart.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Whew, back to normal.

Robin Meade was back to sporting the legs today. Not sure what was happening on Friday, maybe a sudden cold snap.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Soledad Impressing

I don't say this often, in fact never, but I was pretty impressed with Soledad O'Brien and her anchoring of the New York coverage of the convention this week. She wore nice dresses and shoes three days in a row. I think she still thinks that she has a shot at something at CNN and is certainly trying her level best to stay with it. Being in New York, her options there are limited and I'm certain she still feels a bit chastened by being ousted out of her seat at American Morning and replaced by Kiran. Now I think that move was warranted, although certainly Kiran had a part to play in that, but it certainly doesn't mean that Soledad should just take it on the chin. She certainly thnks she's a good broadcast journalist and wants to take a hold of the best opportunities. She might be better at doing the projects like the Black in America series and stuff like that as opposed to the day-in, day-out shows. But regardless she certainly acquitted herself well with the time that she had.

Not A Good Sign

Robin Meade is already wearing boots, and a crazy looking dress as well. In an ironic twist, Jennifer Westhoven was indeed not wearing boots while sitting in studio with her.

Pregnant Natalie Going On Maternity Leave

Today was her last day before going on maternity leave. Good luck with the new kid Nat. Now I'm guessing that Amy Robach will be taking over for her during the week, but I wonder if she will also keep doing Saturdays.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meredith Vieira with boots on "Today" yesterday. Why?

So Meredith had boots on yesterday. I have no idea why. No one else was even thinking of wearing boots. It's still summer and it feels like it. Even pregnant Natalie who wore the most unflattering, tent-like whatever up top looked better than Meredith.