Monday, September 22, 2008

Ann Update

So it looks like Ann Curry actually went to Pakistan to cover the hotel bombing. I gotta say that I'm a little worried about Ann's continued desire to go covering events like this. I mean I respect the fact that she loves her job and wants to be there to cover these things because she has a passion for it and feels that she can bring attention to the problems and issues that exist in the world. The problem though is that she's no spring chicken anymore and this type of war-zone/hot spot type coverage is something that should be left to the young and expendable. We've seen Western journalists get killed and/or taken hostage in these kinds of places and each time someone goes there it just increases the risk. Now I probably sound very paternalistic because selfishly I'd rather Ann be in the studio and give me some of those great leg crosses that she does where she nearly flashes the camera. I suppose that it is the contradiction that you see with Ann. She is great with the soft studio stuff but has really built a career out of being a crusading, go anywhere to cover a story reporter in the best traditions of the profession.

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