Friday, September 5, 2008

Soledad Impressing

I don't say this often, in fact never, but I was pretty impressed with Soledad O'Brien and her anchoring of the New York coverage of the convention this week. She wore nice dresses and shoes three days in a row. I think she still thinks that she has a shot at something at CNN and is certainly trying her level best to stay with it. Being in New York, her options there are limited and I'm certain she still feels a bit chastened by being ousted out of her seat at American Morning and replaced by Kiran. Now I think that move was warranted, although certainly Kiran had a part to play in that, but it certainly doesn't mean that Soledad should just take it on the chin. She certainly thnks she's a good broadcast journalist and wants to take a hold of the best opportunities. She might be better at doing the projects like the Black in America series and stuff like that as opposed to the day-in, day-out shows. But regardless she certainly acquitted herself well with the time that she had.

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