Friday, September 12, 2008

Amy on Hurricane Duty;Today Show Ruined

So they sent Amy to Texas to cover Ike. I have no idea why. Why oh why couldn't they have sent Ugly Jenna instead? Maybe she could have gotten blown out to sea. Sending Amy to cover a hurricane is like sending her to Iraq. Combat boots just don't suit her. Seeing her in a big ol' rain poncho trying to fight off the wind like Anderson "I Look Tough In A Black T-Shirt" Cooper just ain't right.


snaggle tooth said...

Let's be fair. I think calling Jeanna "ugly" is a little harsh. While I agree that they should have sent her instead of Amy, don't agree that the world would be a better place if Jeanna were the worst looking woman around?

Thechairman said...

It would be a better place if that meant that every other woman was a whole lot better looking than she. But I'm going to start a habit of always using an adjective when mentioning someone, like "Pregnant Natalie" although she's not pregnant anymore. I don't know maybe "Lactating Natalie" might work better. Ugly Jenna's kinda like Ugly Betty I mean she ain't really that ugly but compared to everyone else, she is.