Friday, September 19, 2008

Amy In For Ann Today

OK, Amy was going to be on anyway but she was playing the Ann part today as well. Ann was apparently already under the weather a bit yesterday so I guess she just took today off. She'd been looking not so great anyway, so no big loss there. 'Sides, Amy's been rocking the hose and peep-toes all week and I'm a hose and foot fan if you ain't already noticed. While peep-toes ain't my ultimate cup of teas I guess they're tasteful and classy enough to wear with hose. I know there are some stupid rules about not wearing sandals or open-toed shoes with hose like it's something only old ladies or whatever. I really prefer them in, well, more adult example, but for the real world, I don't mind them, it's been done before, but not often. Curiously, the only examples of GN's wearing hose and sandals have been older types like Donna Fiducia and Meredith. Maybe there is something there.

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