Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rockin' Robin Is Just... Different

I don't normally cap a non-skirt day, but I just had to to point out something about Rockin' Robin. She just definitely doesn't swim with the tide that's for sure. She's worn the leggings before but not with boots. In addition to their "Escaped from the '80's"look, they definitely are stuff most newsbabes wouldn't be caught dead with, but Robin seems to want to be different. Sure it does come off kinda sexy in a white trash way, unfortunately it comes off sexy in a white trash kinda way. Not only that but the way she's sitting. I'm not getting that, but she only sits that way when she wears those leggings. Strange. I don't think I've ever seen a girl sit like that who was older than 10. If you know where Robin came from, then you know that she always seems one step from the trailer park and that wacko voice she used to have when she started out on TV. You can still hear it creep back into her voice every once in a while when she's not paying attention. I could go on about the shtick that she does that annoys me, but I gotta give her props for being busty, sexy, and lively. I just wish she'd cut out the dressing like a high school hooker thing.

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