Friday, September 19, 2008

Fox Business Knows What's Important

Even in this time of Wall Street melting down and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Fox Business knows that it's still important to bring the leg as much as possible. They know that their babes can do their jobs, break the news and provide insight and still be the sex goddesses of cable network news. Amen, bros, keep it up. Gotta hand it to Rebecca "Go-Go Girl" Gomez, Sandra "Double S" Smith, Tracy "T&A" Byrnes, La Liz "Large Cans" Claman, The Glickstress and Jenna "Yes That Is My Real Name And No I'm Not A Porn Star But I Could Be" Lee and all the others for showing CNBC that you don't have hide the legs when the shit hits the fan.

1 comment:

snaggle tooth said...

Right on the mark Mr. Chairman!!

If the markets are going striaght to hell anyway, we may as well hear about from the best and hottest babes in the business. Alexis Glick and Jeanna Lee are not only perfect but also usually right. Another home run by FNC/FBN