Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Julie Chen Is Annoying And Unwanted

I find Julie Chen really annoying now that Big Bro is over with and she has insinuated herself back on the Early Show. I thought Mags and Harry made a good pair and seemed to do well but with Jules butting herself in it's upset all the chemistry. Plus Jules hasn't exactly been dressing all that great. I've not really warmed up to Jules and it's obvious that part of it that's she's married to the boss so you can never quite be sure about her. Also, her hosting Big Brother seems to taint her newsworthy skills, not that she had much to begin with. Kind of in the same way that Meredith Vieira continues to host the Millionaire show. I don't understand that. One, I don't understand why she's the host and two, I don't understand why NBC tolerates it. At least with Jules, she's doing a CBS show so you can kinda understand. Still, I don't think Jules really brings anything to the table and I think the show would be much better with just Mags and Harry. Mags has a softer, more approachable look and personality. Jules come off a bit snobby, and snooty, too much the Hollywood trophy wife who just does the job because she wants to keep busy. Plus I can't stand it when Jules does her thing from L.A. and she gets people up in the morning there at 4 stinking o'clock to do an interview. Gimme a break, the only reason she can do that is 'cuz she's married to the boss. Anyone else, I'm like, screw you I'm staying in bed.

In additional CBS Early Show news, Erica Hill has been named the permanent host (for now, permanent is a relative word with CBS) of Saturday. I'm, like, ehh... ok. I really wish that they would have given it to someone who was with CBS for a while, maybe a Susan Koeppen, but she's pregnant (again) so she's out. It seemed like such a long, tortured period after Mags left to take the big job and they just kept rotating different girls in and out. Some of them were quite good, actually. I almost liked that approach more than settling on one, because I was afraid that they would settle on the wrong one and we'd be stuck with her. Well, I kinda get that feeling with EH. When she was on Headline News a few years ago, I would record her to get some leg but I would never get anything good. Yeah, she'd show some but she'd go for long periods of pants. She had a bit more weight back then and she had the thunder legs going on. I always thought she was a bit conservative. Then she really disappeared off my radar and landed in New York. I guess the only real reason she's got the job is because of the CNN/CBS talent sharing deal and that she's in NY because it's a one day a week job and they can't really afford to pull someone off another job or fly someone in from an affiliate. OK, I get that, but even with that, I still think there were other choices. I for one never viewed EH as any kind of a morning news show host, just never seemed the type. Oh well, guess we'll have to get used to her and see how she works out. In the couple times that I've seen her on Saturdays, she's worn pants, so I'm not too optimistic. She'll be on and off, but not like Mags or Tracy Smith who were almost always on.

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