Monday, December 28, 2009

12/27 Caps

Nicole Pettalides from Fox Biz showed up on Fox & Friends combining for quite a nice scene along with Courtney. The lack of Today show caps indicates that Jenna Wolfenstein once again made it difficult for me to understand why she has a job. Or at least the job that she has. Jamie Colby was once again exactly the same as she was last week. She's almost robotically consistent. She's not like Laurie Dhue who had the happy legs and would change her leg cross and move around. I almost prefer that better to Jamie's kind of mannequin approach. At least you get more variety with that in terms of caps and upskirt potential. With Jamie it's like one cap says it all. I don't think she's ever crossed her left leg over her right on Sunday. As with Saturday, they didn't do the shot of Julie Banderas sitting on the chair at the half hour mark of Fox Report. Don't know what's up with that. She doesn't look that far along that she can't get on the chair.

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