Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 Caps

First time I've seen Christi Paul in forever and an age. Too bad she was wearing boots but I think she was on maternity leave. After having to suffer through the execrable Natasha Curry (does she own anything other than black pants) being Robin's top back up, it's nice to see someone who actually understands that you gotta bring a little sizzle to go with your steak. Natalie Morales brought her A++ game today, sporting some major thigh on a day when she easily could have mailed it in what with it being Friday and all. But she showed Amy that she also can bring it just as good. It's too bad we don't get Natalie and Amy together more often because those two can drive the leg show through the roof much like their old days together at MSNBC. I still think Amy is getting hosed with Jenna Wolfenstein taking the Sunday job. I decided to start recording MSNBC to see if I could get some of Contessa Brewer. I saw that Lynn Berry was anchoring there. She used to work in Philly and defected to New York. Guess the rest of them had the day off. Not that I watch MSNBC much but part of the reason why is because of their utterly inconsistent and confusing schedule and also the steadily growing dearth of leg shows.
Also Melissa Lee busted out some bold looking striped hose. She's definitely trying to up her profile a bit what with her taking over a lot of Dylan Ratigan's work. Hell, I don't mind I'd rather see her than Dylan. Some guys think her lips are sexy, but to me they've always looked like fish lips. Still she ain't Margaret Brennan. Unfortunately she was off today and she wore pants yesterday so nothing good from Bloomberg.

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