Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nancy O'Dell's last day was yesterday

Nancy O'Dell unexpectedly resigned from Access Hollywood effective yesterday. She didn't really give a concrete reason why but one article I read indicated that she was uncomfortable with the editorial direction of the show. When you work for a celebrity/gossip/tabloid show you often times have to compromise your morality and I wonder if maybe she is being a little hypocritical if she is having a problem with the show after having worked there for 13 years. In her defense I will say that AH is a lot less sleazy then Entertainment Tonight or the Insider. I give AH credit for not covering the Octomom story while ET and Insider continued their breathless and non-stop "exclusive" coverage. I couldn't help but appreciate the irony of the ET cameras being inside Octomom's SUV while she was bringing the kids home and the paparazzi were trying to get pictures right outside the car and her house. But I digress. I thought that Nancy was a pretty classy lady and she tried to approach an essentially lightweight and frivolous job with some kind of integrity and professionalism while also being one hell of a fox. I'll miss her. I assume they will not replace her because they have Shaun Robinson and Maria Menounos. I could care less about Shaun. Maria is foxy, but she is rather inconsistent in her hair and outfit choices. I also think she is a complete dunce. I have noticed that she hasn't shown up on the Today in a while even though she is supposed to be their "West Coast" correspondent, whatever the hell that means. The term "correspondent" used to mean something back in the days before the Internet and cell phones and instantaneous media coverage. She was part of the semi-rotation of women who did the 9 AM hour. I haven't seen that happening a while though. Maria Celeste of Telemundo was also in the mix. I wonder if they have nixed that idea. It seemed like a big waste in general. The whole concept kinda got killed when they took the 10 AM hour and gave it to Hoda and Kathie Lee.
The only thing that pisses me off about Nancy leaving is that she did it before AH went HD, not that it ever will but I wish I could have seen her in HD more than the one time she was on the Today show. She says she'll continue in the business so I hope she shows up somewhere else and the best of luck to her and to all of us that we continue to view her lovely face, body and gams.

From 12/18/09

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