Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7 Caps

Pretty good today. Hoping for Becky Quick to not wear boots. I goofed up and deleted my Kiran clips before capping. She had a nice display of hosed leg during a taped segment on autism treatment. Margaret Brennan again smokin' in red. Man she's just letting loose after being muzzled by CNBC all these years. Juliet Huddy was leggy filling in for Martha Mac who was on F&F. Juliet is starting to look old though or maybe the HD is just revealing things. Check out the Maria Menounos caps. Nice outfit but what in the frick is she doing with her hair? I swear it looks like a toupee right around the top of her head. Crazy. This chick has too many hairdos and half of them suck.

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