Monday, December 21, 2009

12/21 Caps

Alisyn showed today why she's an all timer because she never mails it in. On a day when others easily could have worn pants or boots she said "No frickin' way, I ain't letting my boys down" and busted out an amazing double slit skirt and sheer black hose with a tight green sweater. How can you not love that? Jamie Colby wore the blinding silver shoes again and with her Christmas-appropriate red dress looked like she was ready to become a living Christmas ornament. Not a bad idea, I think.
Robin Meade hosted a taped show covering the year in sports and whatever else with a panel of ex-jocks like Kyle Petty, Dennis Eckersley, and Sir Charles. Needless to say the real positive of this show was seeing Robin's big jugs and cleavage in sparkling HD.

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Gams Guru said...

Aly is in a festive holiday spirit.
She treated us to stocking stuffers and she cleverly gift wrapped them in sheer hose and pumps.