Sunday, December 27, 2009

12/26 Caps

Pretty good day today. Courtney Friel continued her gig on Fox & Friends. Once again, my biggest pet peeve about the show reared it's ugly head today. All three hosts cram their laptops on the little table they have there, which proceed to block the view of the legs. Now I think the regular hosts do a better job and know to push the screen down all the way, but these weekenders aren't hip to that trick. Lynn Berry was the newsreader on Today and joined in on a segment about the events of the year. Biana Golodryga got to fill in for Kate Snow on GMA. She is making a very good show in light getting ABSOLUTELY SCREWED by the geniuses at ABC out of the GMA newsreader job. They decided that they would rather give the job to someone who looks like a housewife than a supermodel. In fact, that's what I'm going to call her from now on, the housewife.

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Gams Guru said...

Nothing ruins a good leg show more than furniture and banners on the lower third.
The lap tops on F&F are just props and should be removed along with that annoying coffee table that blocks the full length view of the ladies lovely legs.
Perhaps a new set with the ladies seated on comfy chairs would improve the ratings among the male demo.