Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12/28 Caps

Christi Paul doing a nice show while in for Robin. Meredith seeming almost to try too hard recently. She showed a lot of thigh to that Goldman dude who just got his son back from Brazil. I mean NBC's already in bed with him but looks like Meredith wanted to get in bed literally! Also she's been wearing the platform shoes more what's up with that. I like that she's lost weight but it almost seems out of desperation like she's afraid of the competition. Scarlet Fu came out nowhere to sub for Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg and put on a real nice leg show. Almost made me prefer her over Marg! I'm curious though as the camera was a lot more generous with the leg shots on Scarlet than they have been with Margaret. Even during the walk and sitdown where she talks to the currency chick, for Scarlet they showed her whole body whereas when Margaret does it, they barely show the tops of her thighs. What's up with that. They also did a lot more swoops and pans of Scarlet than they have for Margaret. Overall though very impressive. It seems like Bloomberg is trying to give both FBN and CNBC a run in the babe department.

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villain said...

Scarlet is a Hottie. She's taking advantage of the extra air time with those sexy legs.

Keep her comin.