Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8 Caps

Pretty good day. Becky finally ditched the boots and we got a good look at her pale creamy white legs. OK, she was wearing hose but it was close to her skin color. Alisyn was subbing on F&F which is always a good thing as I can't stand Gretchen Carlson, she's the goddamn anti-Christ. She ran off both ED Hill and Kiran. Ann and Nat were doing pretty well on the Today. Martha was doing America's Newroom, so Juliet was subbing for on the Live Desk. I guess they don't really have a permanent sub for ANR in Megyn's absence? Seemed like PAB was doing it mostly, oh well. Margaret Brennan was again rojo caliente. She really likes the red that's for sure. And the rest were pretty good.

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