Sunday, December 6, 2009

12/5 Caps

Well, lotsa good stuff today, mainly 'cuz I got all the new HD channels! So I got Fox & Friends and Alisyn was obliging quite nicely in a tight top and decent thigh. Not quite as much as the old days though. FBN doesn't seem to benefit from the HD as much. Their SD channel seems almost as good. The biz channels put the picture to the left and use the right panel for all of their stats. FNC really takes advantage of the widescreen. In fact their SD channel is now letter-boxed as they are not even attempting to frame their shots for a 4:3 viewing area. Make sense I guess. Was annoying when I was trying to cap before cuz the picture is essentially half the size.
Picked up the Weather Channel as well so I capped Weekend View with Kelly Cass and her partner whose name I didn't get. I used to cap the show but lapsed. But with it now in HD I will start watching it.
I normally wouldn't cap Redeye if I don't follow the female guests but I grabbed a couple caps just to show what it looks like now.

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