Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/12 Caps

Once again, Saturdays are proving to be the best day of the week. We got not necessarily the best leg show from Alisyn but it was alright. Amy was pretty good. Kate Snow was busting it out today, maybe trying to tell the GMA bosses that their decision to go with Jujube, in the words of the Rock, ABSOLUTELY SUCKED!! Nicole Pettalides showed up on F&F and showed once again that her talents are being utterly wasted reporting from the NYSE floor. Swap her with Cheryl Casone please! Geri Willis, Dagen, and Tracy Byrnes were once again their reliable best. The FBN camera did a nice pan over their legs as they checked out the beer on display. Julie B returned to the Fox Report with Laura Ingle after being off the previous weekend. Finally, Kimberly Guilfoyle was HOLY CRAP totally busting it loose with an all-black ensemble of ultra short leather skirt, hose and boots. I think she was trying to become one of Tiger Woods' ho-ho-ho's.

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