Monday, November 30, 2009

11/29 Caps

What'd I tell you? Kate Snow was back to her bundling and booting ways on Sunday. At least Marysol didn't notice anything different and kept going on with her bad self. Jenna finally ditched the boots. However we got no full leg shot. Damn NBC did not remove the banner or chiron or whatever the hell that thing is called. Rosana Franco was absolutely en fuego on Republica. Too bad I lost my digital TV ability. I have to record it off of the DVR and man it sucks. When oh when are you going HD Univision?? Julie B. had no good sitdown but she was wearing a short one. I hear she's pregnant and she's definitely starting to show. I wonder who will fill in for her. I hope Laura Ingle. Keep the legginess going I say.

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