Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/28 Caps

You know, it's funny, Kate Snow is usually the type to start bundling up around Labor Day. But every once in a while she'll bust out the bare legs and the peep toes. Also, Gerri Willis was hot in what I think is her best outfit, the short skirt and the too-tight turtleneck. It shows off the curves that she has, and for some reason I find that look particularly sexy for her. She's not as skinny as she used to be. Just compared her jowls to caps from a few years ago, but she's still do-able in a milf kind of way. I suppose it's pointless to milf out about most newswomen since for the most part, they are actual milfs. Even the single ones who have kids usually come back strong and seem like they haven't missed a beat. But GW seems to embody that. She won't win any swimsuit contests now but she's pretty, she seems like a real nice person, and the blonde hair goes a long way. So here's to ya, Gerri, keep rocking that milf body till it stops. Too bad they hid Dani Babb behind the table. I guess she's not doing the Fox Business Saturday show anymore.

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Thigh High said...

Dani Babb is indeed a frequent guest on the Sat. morn show on FBN.
Along with Tracy Byrnes & D Mac it's THE best damn leg show on weekend TV.
Three full hours on the "red" couch.
No desks.
No graphics.
No slacks.
Just skimpy skirts & hot sexy gams!!!