Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Susan H. and Becky both in boots, but showing a lot of thigh. Nice sitdown from Kiran. I found Ann's day fascinating. Up until 9 AM she was sitting very demurely and like a proper lady, not showing a lot of leg. In fact one time while they were doing their half hour outro, she had her skirt pulled up past her knee. But then after 9 AM, it was whoa city. She was busting the thighs out and everything. I think Amy was even intimidated by the amount of thigh that Ann was showing. She didn't even try to compete. Joy Philbin showed us the proper way to get into a Mercedes AMG SLS. Plop your butt in and swing your legs around. How to get out is another story. The hot blond FOX doc lady Cynara (?) Coomer was on Happy Hour. Guess they had to make up for losing Jennifer Ashton to CBS.

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Mighty Melinda said...

luv your description of the "thigh battle" between the newswomen!