Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/17 Caps

Once again Robin and Becky stubbornly and inexplicably refusing to not wear boots. They must have quite a healthy boot budget. Elisabeth Hasselbeck outdressing Victoria Beck(s). Who'da thunk that? Also, this whole guest host policy on the View is very strange. I don't know exactly how or why they choose whom they choose. They clearly don't get chosen because they're any good at working on TV except for say ED Hill. The disturbing disappearance of leg shots for Margaret B. continues. I have no idea why but they are totally gone. No more wide shots, fly-ins, or fly-outs or whatever you call those camera moves. Also, no more leg shots on America's Newsroom, what's up with that? I would not describe Megyn's outfits as being conservative so much as boring. They've been OK but not spectacular. Someone wrote an article about her being the future face of Fox News. Maybe, maybe not. Who can tell the future? I suppose she has more upside than downside. But there have been so many examples of so-called prognostications that didn't pan out. I had read somewhere else a while back that said that Alisyn Camerota was going to be a network news anchor in 5 years. Are you kidding me? I just don't see it. So a lot of this is really, who do these guys think they are and why are the qualified to write what they write?

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