Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Got To You Guys, I Got To You! Why'd It Take So Long?

My buds over @ HDNC finally posted their response to me. Which is cool, I predicted it would happen, and pretty much exactly what would be written. But seriously you're right dudes, you and me are just on a different mission.
Normally I wouldn't give a crap about what you guys are doing but I was curious to see what other guys are doing. And listen, anyone who does this, I gotta give props to. No one's paying us to do this so it's all about the love. When you think about it, we're really all in the same game, just playing different positions. You guys wanna be buddy-buddy with the anchors, that's your job. I'm all about giving the peeps what they want. But here's another thing. If you're all concerned about your anchor buddies showing upskirts and downblouses and shit like that, then tell them not to do it! Until they stop I'll keep capping. My philosophy is that if it gets shown on a TV screen, it's fair game. Why shouldn't someone be able to get a screen cap of that? These women are entertainers. They're out there to show themselves off. If they don't like it, they can get a job in the real world. No one's ever complained to me, or anything. If they did, I would think they are way off base and have a lot more important things to worry about.
But I think my main goal was just to be able to get you guys to see my point that you can continue to do what you do but try to incorporate a little more of what I do. I don't really see how they are diametrically opposed. I know I harp about the multiple identical headshots but for me, I like to get my capping done quick. If one good cap can tell the story then I'd rather do that.
But let me finish with a couple points. You harp on about HD. Really who gives a shit? It's not about HD. It's about doing it. I used to cap off a frickin' VCR for crying out loud. But I did it, and that's how the first guys who started capping did it. Is HD a lot better looking now, yeah. But I would never discourage a guy from capping just because he doesn't have HD. It's not about getting whack off material. (Believe me, if I wanted to whack off, I got much better stuff.) It's about learning about the technology and how to use it. Capping HD is almost too easy now. Back in the day, there was a lot more tricks and fooling around you had to do. Boxes make it a lot easier now. I probably screwed myself for a couple years because I continued to cap analog off of the tuner and not the box. But hey I learned myself and now I'm better for it.
My other point is that I started doing this for the peeps and the boys. I filled in the gaps that other guys missed. So I continue to view what I do in that same regard. If people only saw what you guys cap, they are sometimes missing out. But I guess it's kinda like FNC and MSNBC. If you only watch one network, you ain't getting the whole story. Course, both nets would disagree, but they're supposed to.
But look, I've written a post almost long as yours. You can say that you got to me too. But I think this is it. I agree that we will agree to disagree. But I suppose we can respect each other on that. Maybe our boy Anchorman Ron B. can play ref here. He seems to be in the middle of us. Personally I think he's more on my side than yours, but that's just me.


Morley Springfield - The Angry American said...
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Morley Springfield - The Angry American said...

I don't understand their need to be loved by their obsessions. It's creepy how the guy with the stupidest name on the internet actually contacts these women. It borders on delusional when shadow actually believes they want to befriend him. Do they not have lives?

You post an upskirt and you're considered a creep? Did you photoshop pictures of these women with blood and gore like they did during Halloween? It went far beyond a theme. It was downright disturbing.

So you keep doing what you're doing. Shadow's the next Rattler. A delusional a-hole that takes all the enjoyment out of capping because he's got nothing else in his sorry little life.

(No offense to rattler.)

Thechairman said...

Let it be known that as far as I know me and the HDNC guys are OK. We agree to respect each other's motivations for doing what we do. We just differ in that regard. What I will disagree with them about is their methods. I think they can continue to accomplish their mission statement by simply cutting down on the number of caps they post and maybe throwing in some more leg shots. I don't see how that is so wrong.
Now you bring up a good point about Rattler. I will disagree with you and say that Shadow is not Rattler. I mean not really Rattler but rather becoming like Rattler. For those do not know the history, I first started capping just on my own. Then I started to post them to the Web, to two Yahoo groups. One was what became the GNN. It was started and run by the man known as BluePennMets aka TheEsotericE. I kind of modeled myself after him. The other group was run by the guy known as Rattler aka BQ4Life and other names that I don't recall. Now I will go out on a limb and say that I think there are 3 groups of newsbabe cappers out there. The real fans/lovers like our HDNC buds, Malone, and others. They want to get to know them. This group grew out of the fan groups and sites that developed on the Web. There are just the newsbabe fans who like looking at them and capping them but don't really seek to know them or interact with them like me and E/BPM. Then there the obsessors/haters like BQ. They start off liking them but as soon as they do something displeasing or dress the wrong way they are in the doghouse. They fire off nasty emails to the women themselves and become threatening.
But Rattler was a loose cannon. I don't know of any other guy like him. He'd get all pissed then threaten to close down the group/site. Then he'd reopen it, or start up a new group under a different name. He'd start out all nice and everything but then he'd regress.
I get invites all the time from guys who run fan groups or sites wanting me to join. I always ignore them. I do my own thing. If you like it, come and check it out.
I was just looking to tweak these guys to the point where they'd respond. I'm not normally like that but I couldn't resist because of their earnestness and how they treated the whole thing like a job with guys with assigned networks and all that. Hey if they want to do it like that, then fine by them.

shadow said...

We (hdnc) don't NOT show leg shots... we just don't base everything we do on that. We don't say "oh, damn... no leg shots for so-and-so today so we won't post caps of her". That's all. But, yes, we don't do upskirts or potentially embarrassing shots for anchors. Why? Because there is no need for that from us. Others out there will do it (like you - TheChairman). We don't need to do those shots. In the newsbabe capping world everyone goes for leg shots... and that's why we are unique. We actually do head shots LOL! When I first started capping I wanted to do Betty Nguyen and asked when she came on. Some dude told me her times on the weekends and then said I shouldn't even bother because they don't show her legs. I was like "wtf?" because I didn't start capping for leg shots! LOL! For the record, I love women's legs... but I wanna see thighs and not just some calve shots. So it there are no thigh/ass shots then I don't care. But I DO want cleavage shots and low cut tops... that's my thing.

To make a point about upskirts....... I just think those shots are absurd. Anybody who gets off at seeing some white or another color panty shot for .0003 seconds is some HUGE virgin who really needs to get laid or at the very least..... a good handjob from an Asian hooker named Yoo-suk!

LOL! OK. I think we get the point....

I respect TheChairman and I know he respects us @HDNC so I think there's nothing more to say, really.

We both do what we do for a reason.

That's it. Thanks for listening. Peace - shadow

Thechairman said...

Not to keep on about this because we've both settled into our respective positions but it's funny that you bring up that point about not capping someone because they are not showing leg. That's my policy, and I like it because it just means less capping for me! I see it as giving me a break. For example, Robin Meade has been on a pretty bad streak. I don't mind. Just means less work for me. Also you talk about trying to get those girls who don't show leg much. To me, it's a challenge to finally get them in a skirt. And once they do it's a sense of accomplishment. But yeah, I'll agree with you that really that split of second of white isn't really anything to get excited about. I kinda do it just cuz there are folks out there who go berserk about it. I'll point out ModelHunter Mark who once got the infamous Natalie Morales upskirt where she really showed a lot. He even lightened the picture up. That's excessive. But in some ways I equate it to that photographer who gets that once-in-a-lifetime Pulitzer prize winning shot. I'd much rather get fewer great caps than more kinda mediocre caps. It makes the caps that show something good (and I don't mean upskirts or shit like that, just a really nice dress or suit) all that much more special and significant. If I get caps of Robin Meade every day even if she's wearing pants, folks get bored. But when you see those caps from me, you know it's something good.

shadow said...

I've done upskirts. The last one I did was of some political analyst on Fox and Friends last year and it was major... but I didn't post it on my blog, just did the video and put in on wideworldofwomen. I actually think I did that before I created the blog. I just don't look for them or care about them. It's funny because I'm a photographer... and I actually DID do a shot of Ann Curry's skirt blowing up when I went to the Today Show last year..... so I've done it for real LOL! I wish her skirt blew up higher because then I could have sold this photo...

Thechairman said...

Nice! You picked the right day to go there, dude. Ann's the best candidate for the upskirt as well. She not only has a knack for wearing those short easy to blow up skirts and dresses but also has a delightfully casual and sometimes absent-minded attitude about where her hemline is all the time. That's the one thing I hated about Soledad O'Brien. She was the master of the tuck. You know where she tucks the bit of skirt in between her legs. I remember one time when they did an outdoor show and it was a little windy she even pinned down her skirt so it wouldn't blow up. Hell, if Princess Diana, one of the most graceful and stylish women who ever lived, could grace us with a wind-blown upskirt than maybe you can too.