Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tony Kornheiser Suspended For Busting On Hannah Storm

So here's an odd story. Tony Kornheiser busted on Hannah Storm's outfit that she was wearing one day. It was a rather typically garish outfit with a tight red top, a Catholic school girl plaid shortie and red boots. Typical Hannah, she's worn that a million times. So Tony K. decides to point that out on his radio show, saying that the top was like a sausage casing, and that the skirt was way too short for her age. Hannah gets all verklempt and cries to ESPN about it. They decide to suspend him for 2 weeks. In this situation they're both wrong. Tony K. obviously either told a really bad joke or has some really misguided notions about female fashion. That's the problem with guys who have this kind of really edgy humor, sometimes the joke bombs. Hannah is also wrong as well, but on two counts. One, she should have handled it with a better attitude and realized that he was joking and brushed it off. Really, who cares what Tony K. says about her outfits. The other problem I have with Hannah is that in some ways I am kinda glad that TK called her out on her odd fashion choices. Even though the outfit kinda looks sexy, it's just a very odd look overall. I think Hannah is about the only broadcaster/anchor type who wears the Catholic school plaid skirt and I know that she is a good Catholic girl because she went to Notre Dame but still, she should dress more appropriately for her age than that. I don't mean dressing like a grandma. She can dress for her age and still be hot. Just look at Diane Sawyer. She can choose outfits that are a little more tasteful, the skirt doesn't have to be quite that short. Hannah is very fit and I'm sure she loves to show off her trim torso with those 'sausage casing' tops. But I have seen her rock a trimly cut blouse better than anyone. She may want to stick with those. Just a thought.

Also in an interesting turn, ESPN is indirectly saying that it is OK for TV anchorwomen to dress like that. Right on, Worldwide Leader!


Raoul said...

Tony can be funny as a columnist, but on the sports beat, he is just a dufus. He also isn't a good judge of beauty if he thinks Hannah looks old. said...

I still can’t believe Kornheiser was even suspended in the first place. I enjoy watching him on Pardon the Interruption (or PTI for short). I hope he makes a quick return to the show.