Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/9 Caps

Looks like one last day for Meredith in NY before she jets to Vancouver. The Martha vs. Megyn show continued again. I'd give Martha higher marks for the outfit but her continued love of the ultra-dark hose loses points. Megyn reverted back to her conservative look. Liz Claman in hose sitting. I think this look is better for her. Her bare legs are just too pale and shapeless otherwise. Her boobs make up for it, but probably not 'till it gets warmer. Only Go-Go is really showing anything up top nowadays. SI SI model Brooklyn Decker made the rounds. I guess it's kinda strange to cap a model wearing a dress albeit however short when you can get pics of her in much less clothing but there's something about her in a studio environment that is still hot. Jewel made a guest appearance on Lopez. He's continuing his non-stop Valentine's Day co-star guest appearances. At this rate it'll take 'till March to get everyone on.

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