Friday, February 12, 2010

2/11 Caps

I'm seriously contemplating not recording the Today show for the next 2 weeks. I am almost certain there will be nothing worth capping. Unfortunately I don't know that the other networks are going to be any better. GMA is horrid unless there's a decent guest or the subs are in, and you never know about that. CBS seems very inconsistent and you never know from one day to the next what Maggie will wear. As she gets bigger and bigger her dress will almost certainly become more and more conservative. I have no idea about the recent ratings although I can probably find them easily. I can't possibly imagine that GMA is doing well in the ratings. I'm surprised that no one got caps of Mrs. George's strip/table dance/whatever for his birthday. She's always looked like she hasn't slept in 2 days but from the web video I saw, she looked even worse. I'm still puzzled by how they got married. She's a crazy comedic type and he's more boring than a bag of Wonder Bread.
Megyn had an extremely curious choice of outfit today. She flattered to deceive with a very highly slit dress that promised a lot but delivered little. The dress wasn't all that long, but the slit went practically to her left hip. Unfortunately, the combination of the desk, the camera being to her right and her seated position made it so you couldn't even tell the slit was there. In that case, what's the point of wearing something like that? Makes me wonder.
But to round out the night you had to give it up to Joy Philbin. Without a doubt a prime example of MILF/GMILF whatever. A lady of a certain age that you can appreciate simply for her looks, but she's got a great personality, she's a really good counterpart to Regis, and she has an amazing body and set of gams. American Pie may have popularized the whole MILF term (which frankly I think is a little overblown and crude) but she was personifying that whole concept well before. I suppose the term MILF has stuck, but really I don't think there's anything wrong with admiring and being attracted to women who are perhaps older than what you might otherwise be attracted to. To me, as long as they look good, are in decent shape, and healthy, why not? I think it's a wonderful thing to find an older woman who has defied the conventions and consequences of age. Now I think there's a big difference between defying that through artificial means versus living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself and having a positive outlook. Nowadays we're seeing plenty of women who are still total foxes over the age of 40 and 50. Now do they get less abundant? Yeah, but for those that do make it, they can stand up against women half their age.


J34635 said...

Excellent work Chairman!
Several years ago you posted pics of Becky Quick in stockinged feet on
Could you re-post them or provide a link

Also do you have any pics of bloomberg, CNBC, FBN ladies and local newsbabes and weather babes on stockinged feet while there on broadcasting on TV?
Also do you have an e-mail address?

e said...

Many thanks for Kerri Lee Halkett!!! please share more of her if you can. Thanks

Thechairman said...

@e. That's up to her. If she shows something worth it'll be shared.

Thechairman said...

@J34635. Thanks for the complement. However, I have no clue when that was. I have made and posted thousands of caps. Asking me to remember or post just one is impossible to do.
Also I wonder if maybe you are little misled about the frequency of newsbabes in stockinged feet. It is a very rare thing. I think I have only ever seen Becky, Liz Claman (who did it a lot when she first started on FBN) and Kiran Chetry. Other than that, I've never seen anyone else. And CNBC? Forget about it. You hardly see their legs, much less their feet. Bloomberg I highly doubt it. Weather babes? Not sure where you get that idea.

e said...

Thanks Chairman, I appreicate any KLH. Keep up the quality work!!