Monday, February 8, 2010

2/7 Caps

I'm not even gonna post anything for Saturday cuz it was kind of a lost day anyway. You all got the caps, check 'em out. Today had other women but none of that really mattered compared to Kimberly Guilfoyle in for Geraldo. I tell you what, if she continues to show what she showed, then she can be in for Geraldo en permanente. If a man don't get religion upon seeing that, then you must be an atheist. (You know, "Holy Shit!" "Oh my God!" "Jesus Christ!") KG has always not been shy to show what she's all about but recently she hasn't even been trying to pretend. You know SNL had a parody about hot blonde FOX news babes. Although you kinda wonder why it took them this long to do it. They could have done it at any point over the last 10 years. But with KG, maybe they ought to change that to hot brunette FOX news babes.

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