Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The '60's on the Early Show: Lame-O!

So the CBS Early Show is commemorating a decade a day this week in yet another ridiculous ratings sweeps stunt. At least they aren't sending everyone to every corner of the world like the Today Show. So this whole nostalgia thing is just a cheap excuse for the hosts to dress up in period duds and recollect on the past. Unfortunately the female hosts completely wimped out and went for early '60's Jackie Kennedy style dresses as opposed to the more desirable late '60's barely-covering-your-ass dresses. Beyond lame, so I'm guessing '70's hot pants is out of the question then.

In addition, the hat that Julie is wearing just makes me hate her more and more because it makes her face look even uglier than it is. Can someone please get rid of her, now?

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snaggle tooth said...

Julie Looks like a clown. A cute clown, but still a clown. Maggie looks less hot but still top shelf. She would probably still look good in Victorian era clothes.