Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Change or Not To Change

So Rebecca Gomez decided to take her new husband's last name, Diamond so she is now Rebecca Diamond. This is pretty unusual especially for a TV newswoman to do. Most do not change their last names when they get married or at best they hyphenate it. There are some who got married before they became well known so the name change was not a big deal. I understand that Rebecca is probably the traditional type and wants to show her love and loyalty to her husband by taking his name. That's great, but as a guy in the IT business I can tell that it's always a pain in the ass especially when they want to change their user ID. Boy that annoys me. First of all, no one cares what their user ID is because it's only important to the user themselves. No one else sees it. When you're an anonymous woman, it's OK to change the name. But when you're fairly well known and known by your maiden name, going about changing it does indeed have an effect on your career and your notoriety. It's kind of like celebrities who have stage names. They're legal names may change but their stage name stays the same because that's their identity and that's what makes them money. Also there's that pesky problem of divorce. Rebecca should have sought out her co-worker Megyn Kelly's advice. She changed her name for her first marriage to Kendall. Then she got divorced and went back to Kelly. Problem was that no one knew her as Kelly so no one knew if she got married or divorced. So she got married again and smartly did not change the name. Keeps things easier that way.

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rootvg said...

Frankly, she's so hot that I don't care what her name is.