Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Thoughts: Maria and Erica

Maria Menounos had a mixed week. Again, I have no idea why NBC brings her in for these stints. She always looks like the little kid who has found herself sitting at the grown-ups' table. I think she has absolutely no substantive talent other than looking good. NBC makes sure not to overstress her from a segment point of view and she rarely has to stretch outside of her comfort zone. You won't see her doing too many segments on finance or world affairs. She has this odd fashion sense once she's in New York (lots of darks and drab) and shows off her West Coast affinity but always dressing more warmly than her colleagues, to the detriment of her overall appearance of course. Maria very rarely nails it totally but can usually be counted on to do it on one day, but usually one day only.

Erica has been (not surprisingly) confirming my fears by being pretty consistent with the pants on Saturday Early. I will give her credit in that she looks fitter than she did during her Headline News days, but I still see no benefit from her having the SES job. I don't see how she adds viewers or value. The show seems to a continually mediocre, and just there to be there. CBS seems either unwilling or unable to make the show anything more than what it is and they clearly don't seem to care that it succeeds or not.

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