Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Maria Weirdness

Maria Menounos actually didn't look too bad yesterday but unfortunately the day was somewhat marred by the re-telling of her old story about losing weight. Supposedly in college, Maria was a size 14 and was absolutely in despair about it and wanted to lose it so now she is down to a size 4. The pictures they showed of her allegedly at that size did not reveal, to me, an obese or even mildly overweight woman. In fact one shot of her in a skirt looked pretty good to me. In fact she looked about average. She may not have been able to rock a bikini but in anything else she would have been OK. Ann even brought up the point that she didn't look all that bad after Maria showed off her old trousers but somehow she was so depressed and sad about being a size 14 that only shrinking down to a size 4 would do. I do not see what the point of that segment was and I think it just makes Maria look bad because they exploited her story as some kind of fat-t0-thin story a la their Joy Fit Club series. Now those people are really worth talking about. When those people show their old pants off, you can put a family in there. Maria's pants looked smaller than a lot of regular women I see on the street. That's like interviewing someone for a get rich story and they only made $50,000. That ain't rich to me. Sorry, Maria.

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