Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturdays are definitely looking up from before, specifically for CBS. What an improvement. I don't know what the regular lineup is going to be like when everyone gets back from maternity leave but I hope that they stick with Betty and Rebecca for Saturday. Maybe they already confirmed it and I didn't pay attention. Also, Ashleigh Banfield has taken a long circuitous route from stardom for her coverage of 9/11 back to network TV. She had apparently gotten married, disappeared for a bit, worked at Court TV, and whatever. Glad to see her back and looking good. And it's hard to argue with Amy and Lynn Berry on Today. Heather Nauert was a nice surprise on Fox Report. I guess they are rotating people through that spot during Julie's leave. Geraldo ditched the chair for Kimberly which was a little annoying but she still had a real nice dress on.

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milky said...

Lovely topic. I learned a lot about women thinking which is great.

Ieshy S