Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Review

Well, I would say that the weekend was pretty good. Everyone looked the way that they should. Sharyn Alfonsi was on GMA and she showed that it is entirely possible to look good for two days straight. See, Kate? You can look good for two days straight. Three might be pushing it, but two is very possible. One thing I hate about holidays is that they always have to dress up the sets with flowers and shit. Of course they had to plop flowers on the already extremely cluttered table that they use on Fox & Friends. It took a little bit for Alisyn to adjust to the blockage but by Sunday she seemed to have the hang of it. In a bizarre and unexpected turn, Maria Bartiromo was on Sunday Today shilling her new book and actually wore a skirt! Unfortunately she has almost no sex appeal anymore so I couldn't get excited about it.

Shannon Bream was in for Megyn on Friday, the first time that Megyn has been off. I think it's a good choice to use Shannon, of course she's blond! That's the first requirement. And in some cases, the last! I think Fox has every blond newswoman in the country on their radar who's at least under, say, 35. Gerri Willis is a bit of an exception. I don't know how old she is, but she's definitely over 40. But FBN is a bit of a specialist network so experience in the subject field would probably trump outright looks and age, but if you have the right combo in Gerri's case, then why not? Fox can lose a Lauren Sivan and not miss a beat. I mean honestly, did anyone expect that they would? Not sure what someone like Lauren is looking for. I mean you kinda know what you're getting into by joining Fox. Oh well.

The weather finally warmed up enough for Steph to bust the legs out toward the end of the week on their Spring Break.

I found out Rebecca Jarvis has joined CBS as the Saturday newsreader. All I know is that CNBC keeps losing chicks. Either CNBC doesn't care, or the network is just not some place that a girl with any kind of looks should bother considering as a place to work. Rebecca had to sit out a 6 month non-compete before she could start. Boy, that tells you something about how much she wanted to get out of there.

Geraldo being on location tends to put a damper on the leggage. At least they are having Kimbo holding down the fort back home. There was no legs on Saturday but it was pretty good on Sunday with a nice sitdown with the Padre and also some legs from a National Enquirer chick.

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