Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was pretty good overall. Despite some people not looking their best like Robin, Stephanie, Megyn, it was busy enough that I didn't mind too much. We had a bit of everything. Some comedy with Kiran running somewhere off to the left of the screen. But the main highlight of the day was the Early Show, finally, finally, finally, going full HD. Like, duh, it's fricking 2010 people, get with the program you know? But it looks damn good. Looks better than the Today show. It has a crispness and the colors are not too saturated. The Today show always looks a bit too orange to me. GMA's without a doubt the worst. Coincidentally, we saw that CBS hired Taryn Winter Brill (funny name, hot chick) as the color and culture (I made that up) correspondent. Every show needs that, someone who goes off and does the lighter, fluffier pieces that every morning show needs. She had appeared on GMA before. I don't recall if she was ever really a member of the team or not. But this shows that CBS is getting serious with stocking up on the babes. Only a couple years ago was it pretty fallow. I still think that Tracy Smith always got the shaft and that she should have gotten something, but I think she succumbed to the baby syndrome and is more or less not really working anymore which kinda sucks. But CBS is now appearing to realize that, you know, having hot chicks on staff is, like, cool, you know?