Sunday, April 25, 2010


Looks like Alisyn was out ill and Juliet Huddy, who has become Fox's go-to super sub, stepped in. Biana Golodryga continues to mystify and cause me to scratch my head. I do not understand what her problem is. She clearly does not understand the purpose of her job and why she is here. She is clearly the hottest female on the ABC News staff. The mystery is why she has chosen not to display her wares fully in that position. I don't know whether it's a sense of entitlement, arrogance, or that her engagement has diminished her feeling that she needs to bring it when she goes to work. The fact is, no one would give a crap about her if she wasn't hot. That's not an insult, that's the truth. This is a visual entertainment business, and you get into the business because you look better than the other person. That may be in the form of simply looking better physically or dressing better or whatever. It's always a combination. The best of the lot never rely on one thing. You have look good both physically and sartorially. Biana needs to watch the other channels and see what Amy and Rebecca are doing. They understand what their job is. They understand that they need to do their job well in all aspects. Now like before I'd be willing to give Biana a pass because, like Kate, she'll usually do better the next day. Well, I got bad news for you. Sunday wasn't any better. Which is particularly disappointing. Marysol felt absolutely no reason to wear pants this weekend. I don't see why Biana did. Nobody is tuning into GMA is to see Biana wear a nice pair of pants, I'm telling you that. It frustrates and disappoints because Biana could have so easily taken the newsreader job when it opened up on GMA. There were many women who have more reason to get that job encapsulated in their little finger than Jujube does in her whole body. The current GMA crew just looks disastrous. They just look weird. You got little midget George standing next to gigantic Robin Roberts. You got Jujube looking like she ought be dropping the kids off at school. You got Sam Champion looking like, well, who gives a shit. The lineup of people they have in reserve like Elizabeth Vargas, Sharyn Alfonsi, Biana, Ashleigh Banfield, Claire Shipman, jesus h, anyone of them would have been better. It's pretty bad when you look forward to someone going on vacation on that show.

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